Where’s the Love for Modern Jive

Yes I might still be a bit too happy just after the Southport Weekender but I am wondering were the love is for Modern Jive? Really, I mean it!

I know there are plenty of us that do it, so where are all the things I would expect out there as I can’t find them.

There are tens of thousands of us in England at least, let alone those all around the world. Going out every week, dancing the night away having a laugh and a giggle.

So, after a night out when the adrenaline is up from the dancing high, I look about for something to placate my addiction, something that lets me embrace this wonderful hobby that I see making us all so happy. Must be something right? There’s lots of us and we all go on about how much fun we have every time we see each other.

Do you know what I can find? Not a lot, and I am looking.

My Facebook friends are all sending video links for west coast swing, which is all well and good but that’s not my dance. I want Modern Jive and Expressive Blues, I enjoy everything about them and there is clear evidence that others do as well judging by all the class nights and clubs everywhere.

Because and I say this with true belief.

What we are should be celebrated all over the place by more than just us happy few. Are we not fun loving happy go lucky bunnies who walk this green and pleasant land with a smile on our faces generally unable to truly describe how fabulous last nights dancing was to our workmates or family, yet cheering them up in the process of trying.

As far as I’m concerned we should be the seeds of a coming Utopia.

I know, WTF? But just take a moment and realise how wonderful we as a collective are and the spectacular joy we can bring to the world.

We all know dancing in general improves, fitness, balance, coordination. Helps with depression, improves brain function, improves your sex life and apparently can create an outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe place.

Add to that, us, the Modern Jive Family.

We come from a sub culture that welcomes everyone. In fact, other than children which is due to legal issues there is no-one we discriminate against in any way. We dance with the young and the old. Thin to extremely obese, various disabilities. Colour and creed aren’t even considered. We don’t need drugs apart from caffeine to keep us awake but clearly that doesn’t count.

We willingly improve the general quality of life for ourselves and those around us with no discriminations and only offer a good buzz to everyone.

How many other anything, can you think of that could make the same claim? (Expressive Blues yes, but almost everyone who does that is a Jiver as well so you don’t get to be counted twice.)

So, where is the love?

Where are the YouTube video’s of us dancing to and singing Justin Bieber without any shame, the twitter feeds that have gone viral cos we rule the evening and/or some afternoons on occasions. The radio shows with teenagers ringing in to complain that their parents are out all weekend leaving them to try and sort out their own dinner.

Why aren’t schools forcing young people to Modern Jive and Blues along with the grannies in the old folks home? How amazing would Christmas be if they did that, get the old Glen Miller LP’s out and none of that boring sitting around nonsense ever again.

  • Why aren’t the newspaper’s full of our exploits of boogielicious antics?
  • Why isn’t government opening more dance halls?
  • Why aren’t Doctors prescribing two classes a week for the next six weeks?

Where’s our Movie?curtain-2757815__340

We do great things my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.

  • The way we treat each other with respect should be an example to everyone.

  • The way we are always striving to learn new things should be shown as a guiding light to the lost and bored.

  • The way we all float about in a bubble of day-dreamy good will should be shown to others on how bloody relaxing being happy is and make them want to emulate us.

  • Knowing that if we are not in the mood we have the grace to bugger off, should be somehow made into a national slogan.

We embody culture and our lives are a form of art.

Just say that to yourselves a couple of times and realise how true that is.

The smiles are genuine, the laughs are pure and the love for life is breathtaking.

I know we love it, I just wish others could see it and feel it too.

So, I except we may not truly be the seeds of a Utopia people, but quite frankly;

We bloody well should be.

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