3 Random Things to Improve your Dance Weekender

So here are 3 random things to improve your Dance weekender.

I thought I had more time as we are only in the first week of February but no, Sara Whites already had one, Curly Wurly have one next week and Southport is soon. (Woohoo Southport. Can you guess which one I am going to?)

Try them out and see what you think.

Tea Bags

So you’re thinking that you already bring your own or the site leave some so you don’t need to be told about these but we aren’t using them for their Caffeine goodness, no no no. This is an odd one so bear with me.

You put them in your shoes…cool right?

OK, so what you might not really be aware of is that Tea is a natural deodoriser.

With a long weekend ahead, your shoes and other things might start to hum a little bit. So a couple of tea bags in the shoes or your shoe bag, even in the wardrobe if things get too weird and it will just take away that extra something you don’t need in your life.

The best thing about this is that they are everywhere and this honestly works. The first time I heard about this I tried it with some nasty trainers and within hours they were smell free.

Random but it works, so try it out.

2 x Cartons of Cranberry Juice

This is for dehydration.

So you could be thinking we already know about this . We drink all night, most sites have those random dispensers that pour half the water in the cup and half on the floor because all the bar staff can’t pour us a drink. But dehydration is a common mistake for those going to the weekenders.

People think that drinking while you’re dancing is enough, however over an epic full-on weekend your core temperature is going to be running higher than normal so you have to up your normal level of intake because if you don’t;

The first symptom is feeling sleepy. So what do you do, stop dancing and go to sleep.

Another is cramping up, so what do you do, stop dancing and rest up.

If you are thirsty you think to yourself, this is not a problem, I’ll just have a beer or something. Others are drinking energy drinks, others are banging back teas and coffee like no tomorrow. However anything with caffeine or alcohol is a diuretic which in English means, it makes you pee.

You don’t want to be doing that so you’re left with just water all weekend but that’s not fun, which from habit would lead you back to drinking tea’s, beer or whatever.

And this is where the third symptom creeps in, Fuzzy Thinking.

Right her and now, reading this you will be could be thinking why yes that is a point, I shall pay attention whilst dancing the night away, But by then it will be too late and you will be drinking whatever happily believing you’re golden.

So here’s the plan, Cranberry Juice or something bright and colourful that is good for you left by the bed. Even when sleepy and feeling fuzzy, a part of you will go “God I’m parched, oh look pretty colours” whenever your near the bed and instinctively you will knock back a lot of liquid.

Without trying, without putting any thought into it what so ever, you will have upped you water content by litres which will give you a better sleep pattern and wake up a lot quicker. It won’t cure everything but it will start your day so much faster and help speed up any recovery and you think clearer.

Which means more dancing time, how awesome is that?

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball? Are we bringing the dog?

No, your going to use it as a massager. Your feet are going to get trashed, even with the insoles or those special plasters you got. Normally the shoulders tighten a lot as well plus the general wear and tear with everything else.

The simple fact is a massage is a stunningly good fix for all of this. There is normally a proper masseuse on the circuits somewhere but they’ll get booked up real fast. If your lucky then the other half might give it a go for laugh, but few are born with the magic touch.

Hence the tennis ball, no fuss no muss and almost perfect for the job if a little fiddly.

  1. Feet, easy enough, just tread on it and roll your foot about.
  2. Your back and shoulders, you’ll need to push up against a wall for them.
  3. Then sit on it for you legs and gluteus maximus which is more fun than it sounds.

An quick and easy way to relieve tired muscles which will improve your dancing through just being relaxed and for some reason, everyone has a tennis ball somewhere.

Here is an extra one that isn’t too random but also pretty helpful.

Protein Bars

OK, so you could eat properly, but who can be asked with that kind of attitude to life.

Just be aware that you are going to burning calories so the urge to snack will be huge. Perhaps, just perhaps something that will actually help your body recover from all the bumps and strains might be a really good idea.

You are entering an endurance event so yes you are going to get bumps and bruises, twists and sprains. Your body needs protein to sort all of this out, so get a regular fix going early on to keep yourself in the game.

Hope that gives you some ideas, if you have any of your own hints please let us know.

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