Keeping your Confidence on the Dance Floor

A couple of Tips on how to keep it all together.

Over the years I have danced all around the country with hundreds if not into the thousand mark of people, I consider myself a very lucky bunny. As I look around me in our little world I do keep seeing a constant that I want to help with. I can’t offer much but even a little is better than nothing right.

The constant I see is insecurity, I see it working its way into the heads of many a person and hindering the fun that’s out there.

Fair enough, yes it is everywhere, in all walks of life but with us it seems to be very easy to take several hits fast, shaking the core of someone’s confidence.

  • How many times have you or a friend stopped and gone home early because of a few bad dances?

  • How many times have the lessons turned into something of a disaster making you go sit down?

  • How many people do you choose not to dance with because you think they’re too good or your too bad?

Confidence does seem to be a fragile creature and I have some tips that I have used (mainly because I am an insecure nut job.) that others might find helpful.

Or even better if you hang out with one of us nut jobs and don’t know how to stop the rot or can’t seem to help fix the issue.

Read on my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.


In fairness I know what I am like and what is likely to set my nerves a quivering, so the first piece of advice is to prepare for battle.

I can walk into a dance event and not know anyone. A room full of strangers yet  I don’t care and can dance with all of them. Some times.

Other times, my insecurities run a mock a mock a mock and on occasions I have sat outside a busy event not even leaving my car.

The difference is that in the first case I was prepared in my way of thinking, and I’m not doing anything radical. One stupid question will get it going in the right direction.

The question is, How Psychic am I?


You have to ask this and think about it for a few seconds.

(It works anytime but starting with it seems to carry a lot of weight throughout the rest of the night.)

I can honestly say my psychic talent is non existent. I always have to ask people their names, I never know what to get people for their birthday and I haven’t won the lottery once. How about you?

Therefore, knowing what is going on in side a complete strangers head and what they think of me when they have never met me is probably going to be a hard one to figure out while I’m sitting in a car.

That gets me from the car to the venue, once inside if the mental alarms are starting up then we move on to the next level.

What’s the aim of tonight?

Thinking about the end of the evening helps a lot to stop the fear of starting. This works for a lot of things in life in general such as writing a blog but is really a good one if the nerves are starting to go in the dance room because it is a quick easy fix. Concentrate on the outcome.


My aim is to have a few dances, flirt a bit, delude myself I’m losing weight dancing while at the same time drinking sugary drinks and then go home a tired happy bunny.

Focus on the end of the night so the beginning loses a lot of worry as that is no longer the important part of the process and is just a means to an end.

OK, so I’m in a room full of strangers and the night is going well.

Then I come across a goddess, the perfect dancer (or in my head they are.) That creature of aloofness who has deemed fit to walk among the mortals and show us how it’s done. They have the looks, the moves, the confidence and they know it. (or in my head they do.)

On occasions I have and still do shy away from these creatures but that is normally if I get caught unaware. If I know a goddess is walking the dance floor I can prepare and calmly take their hand and boogie the night away.

The trick for these people.

What’s Their Random Secret?


People on the whole are fab and groovy.

We all have idiosyncrasies that we don’t want anyone else to see. We all have insecurities, we all have flaws. We have secrets no-one would care about if they ever found out.

There is a lot more joining us all together than we like to admit and when I’m just about to dance with someone I have considered to be too good to be dancing with me, I am normally wondering what’s the random thing they would never want to be discovered.

Do they have weird toes and liked them to be sucked? Plaaagh

Do they like the smell of vomit? yuck.

Do they secretly like the creepy guy (there’s always one in any club.) Do they secretly like him touching their face in that creepy way they do? Waahhhh!

After a couple of these, the pedestal that was created for them tends to disappear quite quickly and we can have a bit if fun. It might not be the best dance in the world but that’s not why I go out dancing and wasn’t important in any case.

If we do have the best dance in the world then she really is a goddess and the pedestal goes back up until the next time we have to dance.

My insecurities are many and varied and I have a ton of ways to keep them in check most of the time. I hope the few tips shared give you some comfort if you suffer the same worries, and that you are not alone and there are ways to deal with them.

Or if you don’t suffer these kinds of things I hope you just enjoyed reading this.

Be Groovy. Comments and likes are always welcome.

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