How to get more Men to Dance.

We are all asking how to get more men to dance, and I think I have a plan.

After years of complete failure, I recently got some success and figure that if I share the story, then we can solve the male shortage on the dance floor. Or you know, just tell the story for its own sake.
So, there I am trying to convince people to come dancing. It usually loudspeaker-1459128__340goes along the lines of, OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! It’s so much FUNNNNNN; you have to come.

This generally gets followed by ” You need to leave the bus sir, you’re scaring the other passengers. ”

So I stopped doing it that way.

Then at work, in a place where they have watched me visibly change from a quiet, insecure, overweight single guy into, well, most of the same really only a lot more confident person with better posture.

We were talking one day and I wanted to know why none of them would come out and play with me when they can see how happy and enthusiastic I am. All I got back was random mumbled excuses.

In the room at the time was a sales rep, and as he walks past me, in a conspiratorial way he whispers;

“ You need to sell the sizzle before the sausage.”

So, as I speak sales personease, I mumbled something back about “running that idea up the flagpole” to put him at ease. He nodded and walked off a happy man leaving me to ponder his statement.

OK, so this guys job it is to sell millions of pounds of stock around the world, I accept his advice may be valid and have formulated a plan.

Sell the Sizzle.


Preamble, this is what I was missing, all I have done is OMG!OMG!OMG! Which is doing nothing for no-one, so, now I have to reassess and consider how to set the scene first and in the process cover any reasons why someone would say no.

Dancing, it’s fun and sociable. Would anyone have a problem with that? Can’t think so.

Dancing, it’s a skill set. Would anyone have a problem with that?

Definitely! We can almost guarantee everyone will say “But I can’t dance.” before you have finished asking them. This needs to be dealt with.

Dancing is a form of art that needs to be performed in front of others. Any issues there?

F*** Yeah, Even from dancers already doing it, let alone a stranger to the cause. This one is a biggy. So again this needs to be dealt with.

It’s effeminate. Say dancing to men, and most would automatically think gay, they just will, its a man thing. This is also a biggy.

Here is the Plan.

In casual conversation, burglary-1639422__340I will crowbar that fact I’m a dancer in somehow.

Also, to kind of structure it in a loose format to get all the issues covered otherwise it’s just a conversation that will lead nowhere. This is a task now, not just random banter.

I’m not talking about it anymore; now I’m selling the sizzle.

So the format I came up with is based on having to deal with sales people for years and learning the general rules;

Power words, these need to use them as a power point. Hit hard and then explain.

Fun, self-explanatory.

Social. Needs to be adapted to whom you are discussing this with as introverts and extroverts need different things. With the extravert’s, mention groups having fun. With the introverts, mention the personal time you have while you’re dancing one-to-one.

Learning. This is a big one for men as weakness of any form, is usually something your mates will use to destroy you with. If you are not perfect then there is a target for them to use.

So this needs to have language like; safe place to learn, everyone’s constantly learning, the best dancers help by teaching the beginners. All in it together and their mates don’t have to know until they are great at it.

At which point it becomes a weapon of attack.

Effeminate. I’m still working on this as I’m not exactly an Alpha Male, so convincing someone I’m not gay whilst talking about dancing is already a struggle. But you may have better luck.

Most reputed dancers in history were the leading warriors of their time. World class athletes from all types of sport use dancing to improve their abilities. There are lots and lots of women. I’ll let you ponder on this.

However, know it is there. We men are simple creatures.

Modern Jive, Modern Blues. Does anyone know what we do? I didn’t know about either before I started.

No-one I speak to now really does.

So I’m keeping links on my phone to show them but only ever showing 20 seconds at most. Just using it as a taster to get them interested.

This is what I’m using for now, but I am always looking for new and better.

Modern Jive


Modern Blues

And then finish it off with how you can go anywhere in the country and find a night out.

With all of this to be done in under a minute, plus videos.

It’s  got to be quick and snappy. If you catch their attention, then the pull is stronger. If you don’t, then you don’t bore them and can always try again later.

Plus, if you just spark a little interest, they will go away and find stuff online, we are everywhere.

Let me know what you think. It has worked for me a couple of times now.

If you have a better way of getting men to dance then let us know and share the knowledge.


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