Silence on the Dance Floor

Just a little bit about my favourite moments on a dance floor.

I’ve been dancing a while now and on occasions I feel a little bit like mah, am I done with this now. Is it time to try something new. Yes is the answer. It’s always time to try something new, but I’m not done yet.

And I know this because of those moments; you know the ones. When the world disappears, and you lose yourself in the dance. Where time and space cease to pull at you, letting the music embrace your soul. Yes, them ones.

Now, I know you have them as well. Granted, people might not run up to each other and go.

“I went to my happy place on that one Fred. With Tracy. The jungle book song, me and Tracy. Always happens with that combination.”

But, I know, you know what I’m talking about, I know you do. I see it occasionally when I’m watching others dance. Couples seem to shine for fleeting moments.

Those lucky Few

Normally it’s just the joy of the dance that pulls the eye in, but then a glimmer lights up the floor, and there, twirling the night away are two people who aren’t with the rest of us anymore.

They are linked through music, rhythm and emotion. Or so it seems. No two every look the same. Some with their eyes wide as not to miss a moment, other with eyes closed allowing for a different feel to the evening.

Their movements are seamless; they create a level of grace that transcends the norm. As if they have surrendered something to the night and been gifted this one dance, these few minutes to feel a world of complete harmony.

Relaxed and unhurried they ride the currents of music effortlessly until the moment passes by and they come back to us once more.

How it happens for Me.

I have this happen to me many a time yet, haven’t figured out the ingredients to duplicate it at will. It’s not the songs; it’s not specific partners, venues, how much chocolate has been consumed. I do know that when it happens it always starts the same.

My mind is calm, the need for conversation is absent. Skin is touching skin allowing body heat to blend. My partner is at ease preparing for anything. The music starts, but I don’t respond immediately. It feels like I’m waiting for something to come forth. The flow of something intangible that is coursing through the rhythm.

I take a breath before the first move and then, right there, it happens. At the apex of the inhale, a point of silence. Just an incredible small moment of time where the universe inside my head is still. The briefest pause, but the absence of anything is a crystal clear purifying feeling as all my attention, every aspect of my focus turns to my partner.

Their breathing, their position, where their body is touching mine. When I move, it is to create their movement. Every pressure of tension is calculated and adjusted to create the perfect connection. Nothing else matters, nothing else distracts. It is all in the

I’ve never been able to articulate how intense this is to anyone; I can see it on the faces of others and know that’s where they were. But when asked, what can you say that doesn’t make you sound like a drugged up idiot.

The world about you disappears, the person before you is everything, and the music takes you on a journey that is timeless with no destination.

At work, they will ask what happened over the weekend, and all I can say is that I went dancing. If they only knew.


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