Dance DJ’s are Ruining my Life; Please Help.

They are taking away my ability to drive.

Quick Story.

I went to Kizomba this week. Please don’t judge me, it was a bluff that went horribly wrong.
After the initial WTF have I done moment, there came the OK I need to learn how to dance Kizomba moment. YouTube to the rescue.

So, after a couple of hours later and I’m all set to stop looking at cat videos and start learning something useful. A quick blitz and I’ve got it all sussed.

Well, not even close but it’s the best that’s going to happen. The drive is about an hour and a half away.

Dance music is on as that’s the closest thing in the car to what is likely to be played so I can kind of get in the feel for the night, and then I pull up to the venue.

“Wow, what a quick trip that was, and when did I stop for a coffee?”

Story over.

This is my Problem.

Music makes me think about dancing and not focusing on small things like pedestrians and cars and stuff because my mind is buzzing away with moves and steps. But I kind of daydream when it’s quiet (Normally about dancing.)

As with the trip above, I’d spent the whole drive imagining the moves I needed to get through the night. That is not an unusual event, a bit  extreme as I was trying to learn a new style by remembering 3 videos, but not unusual. However, I probably should be paying some attention to the road.

The longer I dance, the more all the music that I have heard when dancing is getting dissected in my head. So when it comes around again, I am ready, I know where the breaks are, what background music that can be used, what energy is right for each section.

The knowledge gained from experience may be helping the dancing , but every tune is now being deconstructed. It used to just be my favourite tracks but not any more.

If I hear a track that reminds me of another that’s already been dealt with, then that is good enough to start the mental process. A process that has me daydreaming about what dance move goes when and when, all while I’m driving and ignoring everything around me. I could be driving with a bag over my head, I’m being that observant.


When I first started with modern jive, this wasn’t a problem as most places just play pop music. So it was easy, just don’t play pop music in the car and everyone is safe.

Then you go out and do a couple of themed nights, and that’s the 60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s music gone in a few hits, because now its all getting the How would I dance to this Process.

Still not a real problem as there are still plenty of other genre’s to go.

Then I got into the Blues stuff, and this is where it has all gone wrong.

The Bluesy DJ’s are just evil. Evil I say.evil pears

They seem to have this collective attitude that they can take something from everywhere to “Challenge the Dancers.” and this is all perfectly acceptable in their heads. Pop, Opera, kids TV, anything, we danced to the Jungle Book last month.


TFIF over in Oxford or Symbiotica in Leicester for instance.
Where all styles of music get used.

They play a tough tune, to figure out how to dance to it you have to de-construct what you’re doing and how it can fit with the music. Then they play something completely different, and the process repeats. As a dancer, it is a challenge and one that’s incredibly satisfying at that.

But, my mind doesn’t switch off when the night ends. No No No, It keeps ticking over, thinking about what would work next time.

When there is a tune played in earshot that was close to something heard before then the it becomes part of the solution to work on, and a part of the problem.

With all the branches of music being used, where can I go for balance? Where can I take my mind where it won’t instantly get sucked back into the whirlwind of subconscious association.

All I have left is death metal. If you’re not sure on what that sounds like, well here is a little taster. Oh and just as a reminder, you can only play it one way. LOUD

Try that on the way to work one day. I like it for sitting in traffic jams, turn it up full, so the cars a vibrating boom box and you turn and glare at the people in the car next to you. zombie-367517_640
Cheers you up and lets you forget about being late for whatever you were going to be late for.

Anyway, back to the problem.

Working on the basis that I am not a unique little butterfly, that means some of you are like this too. Probably not quite as bad.
Can you offer a way around the fact that more and more is being taken away from me by the Evil DJ’s.

Things you need to know;

  1. I’m not that horrifically bad at driving, but the music thing is starting to be an issue.
  2. I live out in the sticks, so every dance takes a while to get to.
  3. The nearest dancer I know about is seven miles away, and she is not always available for a lift.


I can’t be the only one out here with this issue.

Any hints or tips welcome. Any advice you can offer could be used to save lives.



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