Some Thoughts for the Dancers out there.

We start off well intended about shy people, then it goes a bit sideways. ūüėČ

Who should you Dance with?

There have always been blogs or posts here and there asking if should we dance with the beginners and such. However, my piece is for the few who will always miss out.

There you are bopping the night away; the music stops, and you grab someone or someone grabs you and the night moves on. The music stops once more, and you ask someone you have never met before and the night moves on.

At the end of it all, you have danced with newbies, experts, gods or goddesses and that person you really really fancy.

Fair enough you might think, I’ve danced with everyone how awesome am I. And yet, there could still be vast chunks of dancers you may never meet, let alone have danced with everyone.

I’m talking about those shy little bunnies sitting at the back of the room.hare-1152050_640

Every venue has a couple; every weekender will have…I’m not sure what a collective term would be, but lets go with, a Shiver.eyes-730749_640

They will all have a story like the shy, introvert (which is not the same as shy.) They could have lost their mojo or just not quite up to the energy of the room, and all they need is a hand held out for them.

On a busy night, it can sometimes feel like survival of the fittest especially if the gender balance is royally messed up.

All I ask is that you keep a look out every once in a while to see who hasn’t had a dance for some time and bring them back into the fold.

That one dance could be enough to spark their night off. That one dance could be the difference to getting them to come back next week and the week after.

One Dance could make a big difference.

Taking drinks onto a Dance

Again, there have been plenty of bits about how we shouldn’t be doing this. Clearly that message doesn’t quite make it to the ears of the numpties who keep doing it.

My query would then be. Is it not left for us, as a point of¬† Etiquette, to teach these people the errors of their ways. If we have some knowledge, and we share that with others, to make everyone’s life better, is that not the very essence of civilised.

The¬†lesson that spilt drinks and dancing don’t mix needs to be learnt.

Here is my idea. Negative reinforcement.

With that in mind, I was tempted to suggest violence,no-exit-1251613_640 but that will just make them spill their drinks which just be exacerbating the problem.  So instead, how about the dancers purposely block their way?

All passive aggressively, not in your face. Just a few  people on the outside of the group getting a little bit more expressive with big arm movements.

Timing is an issue here; it has to be done before the liquid would be a problem, yet within reach as to cause the numpty to pause thinking about the money they have just spent on a beer that is about to be lost.

I would also suggest this become the art of the expert as the newbies won’t have the spacial awareness for it. Perhaps the odd class here and there just to teach the specific distance of a flicking hand at full reach needed to get the idiot to stop in their tracks.

It’s a thought; I’m just putting it out there.

A note of caution here as teas and coffees are always a possibility, so think first before your NINJA ATTACK.pacman-145858_640


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