How to deal with the Creepy Dancer.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War, teaches us to know our enemy.

OK, before we start, let make sure we all know that ladies can be creepy as well. The dial probably does turn more heavily to the male side but let’s keep it real people. Saying that, I have written this in the masculine because I did try the he/she route but it felt like I was picking on some random transgender dancer for some reason.

The Creepy Dancer who keeps pushing his luck.

Firstly, we have to admire this creature and let me tell you why.

In a world full of negativity, he is an eternal optimist. In a world that can grind anyone down into the dirt, here walks someone who can ignore all of that and tries their luck regardless and unrelenting.

smiley-1172669_1280They are Mr Positive.

But why, what’s feeding this abundance of joy? You are, yes that’s right, it’s your fault.

Well, no it is not but that got you going a bit, be honest. The reason is that they see the world differently to you and they do it on purpose for nefarious reasons.

Consider this.

There are plenty of ways to flirt with each other; however they need to be taken as a whole because otherwise it is out of context and out of context is where Creepy lives.

If you fancy someone, your eyes will dilate making your pupils wider and larger to allow more light in, so you can see the amazing person clearer. It is the reason why, when you first fall for someone that they seem to shine, it’s because they do. To you at least.

Eye’s dilate if you fancy someone. They also dilate if you’re in a dark room like most dance venues and also if you have rabies or brain tumours. There are other reasons but there’s no need to get too silly.

Creepy guy will see this and go with option A, that you fancy them. Simples.

Biting your bottom lip, one of the most iconic signals there is for attraction. It also happens when you’re concentrating, it also happens when you’re trying to hide a cold sore.

Again, creepy guy is only going to see the signal for what they want it to mean.

Laughing. Slightly louder than usual laughing is a clear marker for attraction. It’s also a marker for insecurity, going deaf, or sarcasm.

Guess which one they will presume is valid.

Can you see the pattern, it is what they do. They see the same things we all are, but only coming back to one result on purpose. Which is to lead everything to only one outcome, try your luck by acting and touching something you’re not supposed to, to get a reaction.hand-784077_640

It is manipulation and it is done on purpose.

They might defend themselves with “it’s just flirting.” No, it is not, flirting is a two-way street, give and take, there is back and forth.

Are you giving as good as you get or are they just taking?

So what can you do to defeat them. There is only one way and that is just to say No. It is the only viable option because of who they are.

  1. If you fight back, then you’re just being feisty.
  2. If you look away in disgust, they will only see coyness.
  3. If you slap a hand away, you are playing hard to get.

You are playing against casino rules, and the house always wins.


They see the world in one spectrum, so unless you say something to allow the light to shine on the situation, it will not change. Most of us will put up with a bit of nonsense out of general politeness or embarrassment and or a bunch of other reasons, but there does have to come a time when enough is enough.

Just say No. Stop dancing with them.

You have to judge people on their actions and those also includes your own. How does Creepy make you feel, and why would you continue to let them make you feel that way.

Enough is enough; it’s time to be strong and stop it. A polite no today for a brighter tomorrow. It’s all about self-empowerment my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.

For those of your with a generous nature, which to be fair is most of you, then a second chance will occur. Let it be said that a second chance shows you have a kind and forgiving soul; the six, seventh, eighth chance shows something else.


OK, so time for a little bit of a positiveness to counter balance this piece.

This one is for all you hopeful romantics who are going nowhere fast. To all of you who have a crush on another dancer and can’t seem to get their attention no matter how you flirt.

Are you ready, you need to consider Mr Creepy.

I know it seems like odd advice but bear with me. Creepy sees the world one way, have you thought about how your crush might see it.

On the points above, perhaps all they saw was

  1. Someone with a brain tumour
  2. Hiding a cold sore
  3. And being sarcastic.

Maybe they saw someone in the dark, concentrating and not being able to hear with all the loud music. It’s all about the spectrum.

So perhaps a bit more light on the subject, a polite Hi today for a brighter tomorrow.

Just don’t be creepy about it OK.

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