Hypnotise yourself to be a Better Dancer

Listen to the sound of my voice very carefully.

For those of you who don’t do hypnotism, be calm. It is not anything bizarre or weird, ignore the rubbish you see in films. It is, in its basic form just a way to relax. A way to relax with a purpose.

And it’s Fun.

Some of you may be saying that “but I can’t be hypnotised,” or at the very least you will have heard it said by someone.

If you can daydream, then you are ready, because that is the same place you go when you’re under hypnosis. That’s it, that’s all it is, and if you do it to yourself, then you get play in your fantasy world in a way that can improve your life anytime you want.

The aim is to take yourself purposely into a vision of your making to complete a task. The art is not to lose your way when you go in because it is amazingly epic in there.

You have all the power to do so much, and it’s right there with you all the time.

If you don’t believe me.

Tell me one thing you cannot imagine?

Because the split second you start thinking about it, the idea’s will begin to pop into your head. You might not have every detail, but that is something that comes with time, practice and energy.

Your mind has been filling up since the first sensory usb-686358_960_720perception and you have a life of experiences. It is all in there somewhere ready to be used.

What you do need to understand is that some of you may think this will be hard for you. But for different reasons.

  • You might not have a great imagination.
  • You might not be able to stay focused.
  • You might not be able to relax.

But know this, all three of those are skills and you can learn them. Learning is what your brain excels at, was designed to do; it is always taking information in to use and adapt for your benefit.

Did you not get the jolt of your brain fizzing away when you first started dancing. You took in everything that you saw and felt and made yourself a dancer.

Now, here is a new way of learning to include in the mix.


I have written a script for you to read. The aim is to lead you down the rabbit hole. But you will need to prepare, not because it’s hard but because it is the starting point.

You will need three things for when you begin.clock-1670221__340

  1. Quiet, a calm place for you to stay for a minimum of 7 minutes 34 seconds.
  2. Acceptance, understand that you are the power, the key holder to this experience.
  3. Willingness, for you must wish to learn and take the challenge.

Rules for the Challenge that will happen shortly.

  • You will find a quiet place.
  • You will understand this is not a race.
  • You will take your time and find your mental space.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to read the paragraphs on the link below. Then take a moment to relax knowing that you are about to take a journey that takes as long as it takes. Then take a deep breath and when you are ready, Imagine.

arrow-2207745__340Click here When You are Ready


Zorro the Dancer

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