When Your Friends Leave you Behind

They all went to the Weekender Without me. 😦

There you are, dancing away feeling no pain when someone mentions the next dance weekender.
“Are you going?” they say in that half hopeful, half, I just want to tell you I’m going voice.
And all you can do is reply with a sad “no.” 😦
They, then spend a couple of minutes talking about it, saying how you should come, before asking why you weren’t going in the first place.

And you know there is going to be weeks of this.

As it gets closer, then others start to texting about sorting out lifts just making it worse and then on the day, the status updates go into overdrive.

  • Just driving to wherever, Woohoo!
  •  Just arrived, it’s going to be awesome, Woohoo!
  •  Just had dinner with blah de blah, Woop de bloody woop!

They can’t help it; they’re excited; so hang on to your revenge for now. Best served cold and all that. 😉


No to the revenge, that’s not what we are about, we dancers are a happy bunch, good luck to them, let’s hope it is spectacular.

The reason for the post is what happens to those of us who are left behind.

This weekend, all my buds are off to Hemsby without little old me. I did try to blackmail a couple of them emotionally to come see me before they left but to no avail.

Nevertheless, those two and some of my favourite dancers will be gone for a few days.

So, do I go out dancing knowing that all the people I want to dance with definitely won’t be there?

The answer is No, I’m going to sulk all weekend.


Of course it isn’t, its time to find some new dancers.

Over the years, I’ve got into the habit of dancing with the same people over and over again more and more. Not out of any grandeur reasons, I’m not better than anyone or any of that nonsense. They’re my friends; I like dancing with them.

But as with everything, change is as good as a rest.

It’s time to go off out and try to find a refreshing challenge. If any of you are in the same boat, then I would heartily advocate doing this as well.

The most incredible amazing thing I find about our little world is that we are everywhere. There are clubs all about; we may only go to a couple nearby but there is always a new possibility just around the corner in every city, towns and even villages.

Whenever I travel about our fab green isle, there is always a new place to try out. Not just to meet new people but to also enjoy the slightly different styles going on out there.

I don’t mean west coast or tango, I mean the local accents to the dance. City folk seem to dance faster than us rural people; northerners feel a bit more rhythmical, southerners feel floppy. That kind of thing.

Because knowledge is power to understanding. The more information you have, the better you can do anything. And diversity offers different perspectives from every angle. So change it up, go somewhere new and see what you find. 

I used to think I was a smooth dancer, not “Hi Baby, how are you doing? Smooth,wink but you know, dance wise smooth. Until I met dancers who came from a ballroom background. They were silky in comparison, and I learnt a lot about footwork that night. A lesson brought about by going to a new club.

And every club has a story to tell and something new to offer.

So, to conclude, if you, like myself are feeling a little left out then instead of being blue and miserable, planning your revenge. Take the opportunity while the lucky sods are away to go find out what else is out there.

Not because you have to but because you can, see it as a gift to find hidden gems that you may never have come across if you went to the same old places.

Don’t miss out, have yourself a little adventure.




This is dedicated to the twins 🙂


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