Which holiday do you have at the Dance Weekender’s?

There seems to be three choices, which one is yours?

Another weekender over and me and my mates have done it with style and grace, I think the ice maker has a lot to do with it. 🙂

So over the years I seen some things and at the Dance Weekender, the same time and place yet there seems to be different holidays going on.

Dance till you Drop, Party Hard or Classes, classes, classes.

Classes, Classes, Classes.

The first few weekender’s seemed to be the mental overload ones as we all do every class until the brain melts as you try and overdose on information about 80+ moves learnt over 2 days. This seems to be a constant with newbies as we all try to improve as fast as possible.

The desire to learn overtakes the normal rules as all the weekend is about is learning, learning, learning. You have a copy of the weekend booklet with you everywhere as you try to juggle getting from one class to the other.

All the class names make no sense as you don’t have enough knowledge to know what is what, yet you know exactly what classes you will be taking.

So the first holiday is building up your repertoire and meeting new people. When most of us meet there is always that hello, how are you moment. hello-988320_960_720

You do this so many times a day all the names start to blur, but you will know the faces for years because you will keep seeing so many of them at different events throughout that time.

Once past this kind of break, you start to tilt towards these two.

Dance till you Drop.



This is my personal choice. Go to reception, get the silly wristband on, over to the chalet, get changed and start like you mean to carry on, Dance-Sleep-Repeat. Words to live by.

I have done this the last few times and am a happy man, there is a price to pay so don’t think it this is an the easy option. It’s a full tilt endurance event, and you need to eat and drink a lot to counter the energy used up.

But, the up side is totally worth the days it will take to recover from hours upon hours of dancing. And that is the connection you make with so many dancers. The music changes as new DJ’s take over and each bring their own touch and each time you have to find a partner to answer the call.

Each dance is an adventure as you deal with the different styles that all of us have, some work, some don’t but.

But the real reason we do it.

Sometimes, just sometimes the dancing will hit another level as you find the perfect connection with another person.

Every step, every movement matches each other as you both read the music the same. Get a couple of those dances together and Oh My God!


Party Hard.

You made all those new friends when you started dancing and now you know their names as well. A group of you came from the local clubs and it’s going to be a riot.sylvester-1818861__340

It’s round to Charlie and Cheryl’s chalet for the first night. The booze is flowing and the music is on. We all sit down for a meal which goes so fast as the laughter fills the night. After the meal just before going to get ready, the tables pushed out of the way for a pre-dance dance.

Then you’re out and about enjoying the dancing, back for something to eat before sleeping setting off the fire alarms.

Wake up, everyone comes round to get a fry up for breakfast, setting off the fire alarms.

frogs-1421183_960_720Time to relax with some drink and friends, then its lunch time, all round Beth and Tony’s.

Then back to the dancing before Dinner.

All agree to have a bit of a kip so dinner will be late, possibly around Ten, we’ve got the candles to make it look swanky, which sets off the fire alarms.

Its a blast of energy over the whole weekend as you bounce about between chalets for one reason or another.

Time to go Home

chihuahua-809589_960_720And then it is all over, it’s time to go home and back to work for a rest. Gone too fast, but if it was longer most of us would break. Yet even before you make it home you already know you will be back.

They are all a joy, Which one is yours? Let us know in the comments.

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