How Long does it take to become a Good Dancer?

I think it might just surprise you.

Are you ready, you’re going to like this. It’s about 20 hours.

OK, I’m going to let that run around your head as you try and remember how long it took you to feel like you were a good dancer and then come back to me with a great big no, no, no, not accepting that.

I can hear you now,

I was going to classes for weeks before it all came together, and that was just to get a grips with everything. So a couple of months to get comfortable, then another couple of months to get better. 20 hours is a joke.

OK, now try this on for size, you only have to do half hour a day.

Let’s just run that through your little noggin.

Again, I can hear you.

Half hour a day, don’t be daft, if classes were only half hour it would have taken me years to learn anything, one class a week for erm, let me think 10 months to make up the time, by the time I’d learnt anything I would have forgotten it all by then, this Zorro dude is mad, mad I tell ya.

Fine, you caught me out, but it can be 20 hours, and a half hour a day. The kicker is that you have to do half hour a day, every day, for 40 days.hourglass-23654_960_720

I know, you think it’s a con.

You thought there was a magic number, and I’ve just given you some random maths. But no I haven’t, and the information might be useful in making yourself a lot better fast whatever level you are, so keep on reading.

Most people can concentrate well for 20 minutes; that’s a fact. After that you have different fall off’s for all of us but 20mins to half hour we can all do. Pay attention next class, you do and see how long it is before the whole room gets a little more chatty, and the teacher needs to pick it up a bit to keep you crazy monkeys under control.

You don’t need to check, do you; it’s always through the latter part of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd move, about 25 minutes into the class.

Daily Routines.

Again, it’s kind of the same thing.

Any new thing you learn, your brain has to understand, to do this it tries to break things down into small components so it can fit them back together to create a big picture.agenda-1458549__340

If it’s a physical skill, then your body has to understand what’s required as well, and this takes time to conclude.

If you go to one class a week, by the time you return, you will have forgotten some of what you learnt. So you have to remember what it was you forgot before you can start learning again.

One step backwards before two steps forward. Or for some of us, two step backwards before three steps forward

board-1044088__340So, making it a daily routine means you don’t have time to forget anything. Half hour of optimal concentration with no memory loss. Your learning curve just goes up and up and up real fast because of the accumulative build up.

What and Why?

Now, let’s be honest, I’ve clearly have ripped this information from scientific experiments just to fill my blog, I got this from Ted Talks. But I have done this foul deed for a good reason my brothers and sisters of the dance floor. To help you, I’m like Robin Hood I am, robin-hood-147128__180or Zorro Hood if you will.


So, why have I done it?

Consider this. The process is valid. Apparently, you can learn anything from scratch to quite a good level using this method. It is a solid way to learn according to people who like experiment on each other.

1. So, for you Newbies who want to learn fast, you now know what to do. The half hour is necessary; the daily routine is important. Do not under or over indulge too much; it is a pattern you’re making, don’t finger paint all over it.

2. For those of us who already have an understanding, then just a couple of days in a row could bump up any skill set you have without too much stress. Foot works not to fluid, dips and drops need a brush-up; a few days on the trot will bring it all together.

3. Any issues you have could be dealt with in less time than you would think. Why walk this earth with small worries or fears now that you know an easy way to resolve them.

The fun part is trying to convince someone to be a partner for half hour a night every day, but that’s what Prosecco is for.

To be fair, most of us are happy were we are but just wish we could keep what we have learnt a bit better. Well here you go, one of the best methods to help you out.

Hope it helps 🙂

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3 thoughts on “How Long does it take to become a Good Dancer?

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  1. I agree. Who cares if it came from Ted Talks.

    It doesn’t take long to improve, and humans are impatient to be better, but then generally don’t put in the practice. Yes technical stuff can be worked on in that short time, but even musicality – just through listening to music and dancing each day while you’re cooking will help.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, although there could be some health and safety issues. I do find my kitchen is great for dancing in (apart from dodging the washing on the clothes horse in front of the aga!

        Liked by 1 person

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