Tips for the Long Drive Home.

Some tips for those of us who travel far and wide for our dancing.

Many a weekend I have arrived home anywhere from 1 am to 4.30am, the latest so far has been 8.23am. When I walk into work on the Monday and discuss the break, my fellow worker bees just look at me in wonder and say they could not do that. Some are twenty years my junior.

Pah, kids these days, I just don’t understand them.

And I know I’m not alone, we all travel far and wide for the Boogie Buzz. We all stay out too late for just one more dance. We are children of the night, are we not my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.nosferatu-1639125__340

To often the memory’s of the hugs and kisses goodbye soon fade in the quiet of the car as you prepare for the long road home after a night of fun.

Then you are all, drink, check, mirrors, check, CD’s ready, check, lets go.

Most dance halls are in a town or small village so the first part is easy as you are still buzzing from a night of fun, and the roads are all lit up.

But all too soon they fade into the past as blackness reigns complete making sure you know you are just a bit too old for this nonsense.

So, here are my tips for staying awake.


A lot of you will have a can of red bull (other sugar/caffeine combinations are available) snuck away especially for this part of the night. However, as referenced in my blog post, 3 random things to improve your dance weekender. The simple fact is, you will be dehydrated from dancing all night which will add to you feeling sleepy.

Pretty much any liquid you drink will help wake you up.

I would honestly recommend that you get a bottle of water in you first.thirsty-man-937395__340

In part, because you don’t need the sugar-caffeine hit for short term alertness, and also when you do get home, you will sleep better.

For the caffeine addicts amongst us, this does need some experimenting. Don’t go cold turkey on me right away; take a bottle of water, chug half of it first and then sip but with a can of suger/coffee close to hand.

The two bonus’s with this are

  •  You’re more likely to drink too much, meaning you will need to pee, and nothing wakes you up like that sensation.
  •  It might also help you control your weight a bit as you won’t be filling up on a bucket of sugar after every dance.


There are lots of healthy snacks out there but let’s be honest, MacDonald’s is part of the night drive as much as anything else. With a loo break, a driving break, and the thrill of naughty treats to tickle your taste buds, the lights of the service station are ever calling.

Now, I am not going to tell you to be good; I’m not your mum, and this piece is just to help you stay awake. The blog about losing weight to be a better dancer is a couple of weeks away 😉 

I would just advise avoiding a lot of salt.

For the same reason above, you will be dehydrated, and the last thing you need to do is dry yourself out. What your body will need is protein to replenish the system after a long dance session.abstract-1238247__340

So, miss out the chips with salt, that you add salt to for salty goodness, and make the burger or nuggets your first choice and know that there will be enough salt in those to replace any you may have sweated out earlier in the evening.



Sing Along a Bubble.

It’s time to call the police as I’ve just murdered every song on Michael Bublé’s greatest hits album.

That’s right people, Zorro loves a bit of Bubble, FYI, the water bottle from the above tip makes a great improv microphone for caterwauling Cry me a River.

Yes it is a bit silly but let’s be fair, a sing-along will help keep you awake on a long drive. Find something that gets you going and let loose with the inner Diva.


So, those top 3 three you could have guessed at, so here is a little bonus.

Hazard Ahead.


At silly o’clock there is a particular kind of driver, I have always thought that they walked into a car showroom declaring that they were immortal with no respect for life. At which point the sales rep congratulates them on buying a Mercedes.

Cos it is always a Merc that fly’s passed me at about 150mph around 3 in the morning.

With this in mind, I have invented a new game. It is a tad dangerous and stupid.

!!! You have been Warned !!!

Now, the timing does have to be right, and this is a rare opportunity as you have to spot them before it’s too late, plus the motorway/duel carriageway  has to be empty for your sake.

The idea is that as soon as you realise what they are, to put your hazards on and off, then the indicator for just one click. DO NOT MOVE OR CHANGE LANES.

The sole purpose of this is to make then think, WTF! while they have time to do something.

Due to their speed, they have to slow down just in case; their braking distance is so long that they cannot wait until they are close by to see what is going on. They have to react well in advance.

So, flash your hazards and watch those headlights in the mirror dip as Speedy Gonzales has to brake.

And then wait for the best bit.

You know, that while they are braking, the thought going through their head is

“What is that muppet doing?”

The closer they get, the more confused they are as they will see nothing in front of you that would have made you do what you did.

So when they drive past, turn on the interior light and you wave at them. That moment right there, right then, when they realize you did it just to irritate them, is worth its weight in gold.


Worth its weight in gold, I tell ya.

And that will wake you right up.


I wrote this for fun; I have been doing so much late driving lately that this seems to be a new chapter in my life worth writing about, but we all do late driving and need to take it seriously.

Look after yourselves and each other people.


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