Let Good Vibrations Heal You

A 6 second Exercise to stop you getting hurt or help recuperate.

Sitting in an office all day?

Sat down a lot today, driven home, then sat down and ate dinner. Feeling nice and stiff and not relaxed in any way what’s so ever. What do you think to yourself?

Let’s go dancing.

Drive to the club and then expect your body to do its best work. No please, you need to put the effort in.

Or do you?

Let’s be honest, there are some healthy people amongst us but most of us, I would say are normal.

Everyday life does all we need, no need to run off to a gym every 20 minutes to feed the gym bunny addiction.

However, what we do uses a bit of energy and it’s quite easy to get hurt, and there are far too many injured dancers out there for me to ignore.

Mainly because I keep losing my favourite dancers to them, this blog is for selfish reasons only. I need my women woman-1253496__340

I jest , of course, I am too groovy to be that selfish, as you all know.

But knowledge is the key to a fab life, so here is some knowledge to lay down on you, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.

Here is one random, stunningly good thing to before a boogie that may help you stay out of harms way.

For this, I am going to focus on the shoulders, but it’s a full body experience.sport-927759__340

Shoulders. Always getting pulled and prodded, most of the people I know with injuries are suffering from damaged shoulders.

Ready for 6 Seconds to change your life forever?

Stretch your arms out either side of you, palms facing forward. Take your arms back as far as they will go without causing a mischief.

See how for you can take them backwards to a tight but comfortable position. When you get to your limit, bring your hands forward about an inch, or 2 centimetres in new money.

Now, I want you to Vibrate. You heard right, don’t thrash about. Just vibrate your hands as fast as you can.

All I want is 6 Seconds worth. 6 Seconds.

Stop and see how far back your hands go now.

They went a lot further than you were expecting didn’t they. It is because half of us are just stiff, like old pipes and need to knock a bit of rust off to gets things going again.

You can reset your arms to the new position and do it again. It’s weird but cool, and it works, you have just proved it.

The science is, and there is science. I haven’t just made this up for fun. Is that your brain gets a bit too comfortable with things and says “that’s good enough for me.”

And if you don’t keep pushing, then your range of movement gets smaller and smaller and smaller, and we all feel like we have seized up.

And then we go out and dance night long. A perfect situation to get hurt.

So, you need to free yourselves up to get a larger range of movement to minimise the damage rate.

It also works for rehabilitation; it’s a technique used by physiotherapists.

  • In part, you are waking up the muscle to get it moving
  • In part, you are re training your brain to allow you body to move a bit more freely.
  • In part, you are strengthening your muscles up at the end of range.

More Range of Movement = Less likely to injure Yourself.


The other side of it is, that if you are hurt, this helps strengthen your muscles at the worst point, speeding up recovery.

Try it once, and see how you get on. Play with it and see how much extra range you can get very quickly.

Then think about it, perhaps you might not feel the need to do this in front of everyone at the side of a dance floor, but a quick blitz before going dancing should do you well.

And it only takes seconds.

However Beware!!!! THIS IS A QUICK FIX.

Like everything in life, if you actually want it done properly you do have to work at it. It you want to feel loose and nimble all day, you do need to stretch properly.

But that’s if you want to feel like that all day, if not;

Jobs a goodun!



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