Score how Good a Dancer you are.

Sort out your worries, no more guessing, find out how good you are.

Imagine if you will, a play date. A happy little toddler (not yours) walks up to you and hands over what will say, for now, is a picture. It involves colours and lines, but there is no definition at all.

You gaze at it briefly and ask the child, “What is it, a duck, canard-159511__180the Dali Lama, a visual threat, give me a clue kid, what is it?”

The innocent eyes of something with no intelligence watches you for a few seconds and then the little body just shrugs. Your sarcasm is completely wasted here. So instead, as a gesture of goodwill and politeness you say,

”Thank you very much, that’s lovely.”

The child scampers away happy.


Imagine you are a brand new shiny dancer all over again, sitting by the side watching all the real dancers fly by with all their elegance and grace and coordination, someone walks up to you and says.”You didn’t pay your money to sit and watch, get up and dance.”

Away you spin and at the end of it all, they say in a positive manner.

“Thank you very much, that was lovely.”

Since I have been dancing, I have heard that statement a lot. It seems to be a friendly, honest thing. We dance with a lot of people, a lot of times and thinking up something individual each time is hard work. Might as well keep a classic and mean it.

However, regardless of what was intended, all I can hear internally is “Is it a duck?”canard-159511__340What are we doing here? give me a clue kid.”
I know it’s me, I know this and its all about my insecurities. The people are genuine. This is my problem. So to counter my mess, I have come up with a cunning plan which coincidently you can use as well.

It works like this; it is not for you to judge how good you are. It is for others.
You may think you’re the worst ever, yet around you, others can see the truth and know you are average, possibly the greatest, but definitely not even close to the worst.

And if you think you are a god amongst mere humans, let’s test that theory shall we.

So, when someone says “Thank you very much, that was lovely.” you know it’s a general platitude, but how well did you actually dance?

To find out, we are going to check the reactions of the dance partners to see how good we all are, are you ready?

Scores based on the moment they say “Thank you very much, that was lovely.”

Before we get going, there are some starting pointers.

1. Dance with a newbie – all scores void, they are to flightly to be a proper test.
2. Dance with a new Girl/Boyfriend, sexual dalliance – Baseline score starts at Minus 15 points.
3. Dance with a recent Ex – Baseline score starts at Plus 15 points.
4. If someone sings in your ear – all scores void, Total defaults to + 40 regardless.

Eyes – part 1
If directed at you + 5 point
If directed away – 10 points

Eyes – part 2
If open very wide +15 points

Feet. (if you nod a general thank you to the statement, it’s easy to disguise what you’re checking for.)
If they are both pointing at you + 5 points
If one is pointed at you and one away – 5 points
If both feet are directed away – 10 points.
If they run away without saying anything – 50 points

If they stay where they are + 5 points
If they take a step back – 15 points
If they come forward + 10 points

If you get a half a hug, one side only + 10 points
Full body hug with both arms + 20 points

If it is not elevated higher than expected = 0 point
If it seems to be running higher than you would expect + 30 points

If you know the person and receive a peck on the cheek + 5 points
If you don’t know them and receive a peck on the cheek + 20 points
If you receive a French kiss + 100 points and a gold star


If you receive anything other than a general, all round, often used by us all statement + 50 points.

Any injury caused by your actions – 200


Best Possible Score  + 250
Worst Possible Score  – 290

1. -290 to – 90 = WTF, is it a Duck?
2. -85 to -10= You are the worst, all your fears are now confirmed. The person you danced with left feeling morose.
3. -15 to + 50= Not the worst, you see, you’re not the worst.  The person you danced with left, they just left. No real emotion was harmed in the making of this dance.
4. +55 to +100= That’s pretty good that is, you’ve done well. The person you danced with left happy.
5. +105 to +150= You rock, you know you do, the person you danced with was thrilled.
6. + 155 = You are a God amongst mere Mortals.

That is the game I play to keep myself in check and see how well I am doing in general.

Have a play and see what score you can get.




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