Breaking News! Men have Hips Shocker.

I know, it surprised me too. I only found out by accident.

There I was, trotting away at a Modern Jive Event, back ramrod straight like I was on military parade and a dude sashays past me. Sashays

Confused me, I can tell you, I had to ask if he was allowed to do that.

In shock, the need to sit down took me away from this unusual point in time and history, but once there my mistake was evident as all I could do now was watch.

I was torn between watching this guy’s arse wiggle about all over the place or not. It was too much so I covered my eyes. In the darkness, I went over the rules, those unwritten rules we all know.

The men are tall, they have poise, they are all about the moves and the stance. We men are always being told about stance.

The women, they are about grace and elegance, they have special classes to learn about styling.

What was he doing strutting about like that, he was still doing the moves, he still had poise, but there was something else going on, something extra, should I investigate?

Peeking through my fingers, I looked about; surely I wasn’t the only person seeing this bizarre spectacle?cat-1040815__340

Around the room as if hypnotised by the swishing swaying motion of this man’s hips, women stood gazing with wanton abandonment. The odd gnashing sound was heard in the distance.

I thought to myself; it does appear to have an effect on the females of the species; perhaps I should consider toying with the idea. But no, it’s too you know, not what men do. But maybe, judging by the looks on the ladies faces, we should?

So, with wild abandonment and no thought for anyone’s safety, I tried it. I, a man, used his hips to create a gliding dance step.

Nothing broke, that was the first thought. It doesn’t hurt, was the second. I appear to be moving with smooth, fluid steps. It was weird!

Time to Change

Now, I accept the above is written a bit whimsically. However, it’s a true story.  One man walked into a dance club I was in and took the place like a storm. He was a fantastic dancer, every single woman in there queued for a dance and it was devastating to my fragile ego. The gnashing noise was my friend; she doesn’t do subtle, kinda looked like this at the time.

cougar-275946__340( it’s a couger )

We can get better, easily.

The simple fact is that most of us are walking the moves from when we were first taught them with no emphasis on body movement, but you can progress this easily.
If you don’t, there is a loss. You don’t move as freely as you can, you don’t feel as skilful, you won’t be as controlled.

We are Dancers.
We may not be professionals, but all of us took the time to learn the skills we have.
And that means we get to do things other don’t, one of those things is to move our bodies in elegant patterns for fun.
We can clump, clump, clump our way through the steps but what if we just take a moment to alter this pattern.

My attitude is this.
Got the feet sorted, they do steps.
The arm stuffs a bit complicated but getting there.
Combine the two and we have a dance, Sort of.
Now, what is the rest of me doing?

Strictly Come Dancing is starting soon, see how many weeks you will watch before all the judges start telling the competitors that they need to relax the hips to improve their dancing.

It is a stage of a dancers progression, most of our focus is the footsteps. We forget that our whole body can get involved. First the feet, then the arm work, then the hips. It’s the natural progression.

The reason I went with the title was to highlight the fact that a lot of men dance ramrod straight and in no way relaxed, the fact that men don’t get styling classes irks me as well.

However, I also accept that if there were a men’s styling class, most men wouldn’t do it cos we are like that. But it still irks me.

The ladies tend to pick this up quicker as they walk straight lines for a couple of clear steps, meaning they get time to play and practice, which is not the case for the men.

However, Guys, the Hips.

It is the 3rd level.

Footwork, arm movement and then the hips.
It frees your body up; steps become dance steps.
The movement starts to become a flowing form which you get to play with. It compliments how the women dance which in turn will give you more connection.

It will help you get around the floor faster which gives you time to be in the right place, with fewer corrections making smoother transitions.

You will still have the poise and stance, but you get something extra, style.

Try it out and see what kind of response you get. See how it makes you feel.



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2 thoughts on “Breaking News! Men have Hips Shocker.

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  1. The solution is to try a couple of salsa classes, especially one that focuses on technique and mambo. Itll get thd hips more relaxed to an extreme which can then be taken down as much as required for mj.

    Interestingly, one of my local styling workshops allowed men to book too. I don’t know if any did but good that they were able to even if it was still focused on ladies styling. There is a lot that can still be learned from the opposite sex on both sides when dancing.

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