Why Introverts are Better Dancers.

I have a theory and it’s a good one.

So, here is my argument.

By nature, introverts tilt towards a slightly different path than most. It’s not a huge thing but it is a difference, and this makes us better partner dancers.

Not on an individual basis, as that would be quite a claim. However, I am going to say it on a general basis.

The thing here that I am using to base my argument is, extravert’s, who are in the majority of the human species, about 66%, gain energy by the social action. Introverts use energy to be sociable; they need quiet time to recovery.


Which in turn, means introverts prefer 1-2 -1 situations over group ones
They like the sole focus on an individual instead of diverting their attention as that drains the social battery faster.battery-1688883__340
We like making a connection with the real you, and not just they surface version that talks about the weather as we don’t want to waste the resource of our mental energy on fluff.

The dance floor is the perfect place for introverts to rock your world, as so many of our natural talents work here.

Let us be honest, you muggles, sorry, extravert’s, can do this as well, but this is our natural territory.

A very misleading fact about introverts.

We all have poor social skills.

This is a very common one for us. As we don’t want to waste the energy we have in casual conversations and prefer deep, meaningful ones. But those are rare, so there is a habit just not to get into the discussion in the first place.

The more introverted we are, the more abrupt on the refusal to start, often giving the impression of aloofness.

However the truth is most of the time we are observing, we are paying a lot of attention and have a good eye for detail.privacy-policy-1624400__340

And an immense strength that we have is that we tend to think things over before acting.

  • Now transfer that into dancer skills;

In general, we are paying more attention than our counterparts, we have thought about what we are doing and constantly going over what we do to improve. We like focusing on one thing at a time so each movement has to finish before the next can start.

So, we are less likely to hurt you as we will be paying attention. Every move has a start middle and end so no rushing through things. We are watching what you are doing, so the dance will have more connection.

And if you talk to us about dancing (something we like) then it is likely to have valuable content that helps you as well.

Hunt the Introvert.

In part, I know you’re going to find it difficult to argue back as you have to prove me wrong. As to do this, you have to find the introverts, which may be harder than it sounds.

Your first thoughts will be the socially awkward and that might be valid however it might not. At the start of the evening we are charged up and could act just like you, and social skills can be learnt or lost by anyone. It is a skill set, not a requirement.

Two Tactics for you.

1) In the later half of the evening when the batteries will be running down for us, we tend to break away in-between dances; we might find a single spot on our own just to catch a breath and get a very brief moment of calm to ease us through the rest of the night.

Here is your target; you need to approach on their right, and when you get close enough I scream-879491__340want you to focus on the top of the cheek right next to their eye. Once you are ready, I want you to say “The Weather.” and what you are looking for as a twitchy flinch of pain, a spasm of pure unadulterated hatred, a visual display of someone having to discuss the most infuriating subject once again.

What is your obsession with the weather, What is it?

Remember, intro’s are using up their energy to be sociable. We want discussions with depth, and unfortunately, the weather is the most pointless banal subject for us.

If it is that important, just look out the f%$£&^% window. Go outside and enjoy the weather as it happens, but please stop telling us it is hot during the summer and expect a polite response, because if we do respond, the sarcasm factor alone could kill you.

Unless you are discussing chaos theory in weather patterns, and explaining why it is important to you personally. Then it is a conversation that is just draining us of our life’s blood, and you are the vampire killing us slowly.toys-1138479__340

I know I have a small issue with this, but do you get why we don’t talk a lot now?

2) Or you could just ask people if they are introverts, but where is the fun in that. You want to see the spasm now, don’t you?


Theory into practice.

To be fair, I would say in a room of 100; the chances are there is going to be about 15 or so of us hidden away in plain site.
I would argue that they are strangers to you or your best friend, we are a bit like Marmite in that regard.

So, try your luck and have a play and when you have an exquisite dance. Just check out the person you are dancing with and I bet, most of the time, the better dances come from us quiet few.



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