The Road less Travelled

Sometimes another way is needed.

The other weekend I went to Southport Dance Weekender. (Woop Woop Southport)
This should have been a three and a half hour drive for me, yet it took Seven.

Not cos I drive slow, I happily keep to the speed limits. What is it these days, 80-90mph?
No, none of this, just the amount of traffic on the roads.

The joyless old motorways, the grey, bleak fast way to get places. With little to look at as the noise barriers block most things. The highlight that broke up the monotony was seeing chevrons or trying to avoid the lorries and looking out for the Motorbikes.


Then there was the silent pleasure of the service stations. Those fun factories of motoring merriment.

Traffic Jam after Jam after Jam. All caused by the sheer pressure of traffic.

And this tail of woe was repeated all around the camp as we all fell prey to the same situation.

Because of this, I chose to come home a different route.

The Road less Travelled

One that took me through the countryside and small villages, on the B roads and smaller. It took me past places of interest that I will now go back and look at another time.

It took me to places that made me want to stop just to experience the wonders of our green and pleasant land.

I ate at a country pub that served real food and not just the plastic fodder on offer at service stations.

It was an experience. Especially when I was imagining the conversation that must keep happening all over the UK.

“Do you know what this winding road though the fields is missing love? ”

“No hun, why don’t you tell me.”

“A Butterfly Conservatory that’s what. I shall build one down that odd lonely track over there. Kids will be forced to come from miles to see it, it will be Epic.”


Seriously, I keep seeing them and that’s the little scene that runs through my head everytime.


This isn’t the first time I have taken to the meandering path of travel and definitely, won’t be the last.


A Gentle Reminder.

So, today, for this week’s post. I remind all of you that the final destination is not just the total of anything, for it is the journey that shapes us.

adventure-1807476__340That moment when you grab your dance shoes to head to the local club or pack a bag for the next weekender. Or even hunt down the passport for the big Cruise. That is when it starts.

We happy few, clock up some miles for our fun and once in awhile you have to take a moment to smell the flowers along the pathway.

trees-1789120__340Granted, the urge to get there as soon as possible can sometimes be high as what we do is fun.
It takes time to go for a wonder. However, dancing improved the quality of most of our lives so why not add to that.

New sat nav’s these days have the classics;

1. Fastest Route.
2. Most Direct Route.
3. Avoid Motorways.

Yet, more and more have the new setting, the most scenic route.


There is  Persian saying.

A traveller without observation is like a bird without wings.

All I want you to do is remember that the journey doesn’t have to be a cold hard slog where you arrive almost drained. Take some time here and there and enjoy the little things in life.



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