What’s in the Dance Bag?

It’s just a list of ideas for the newbies who will see them everywhere.

This list is based on a freestyle night as school nights could be a fluffy night out with no effort involved and too much talking. With the Freestyles you have to put some effort in.

So, with that I mind let us begin

Level 1 – Newbie

Minimum requirement of 1 Spare Top and Smellies.

For those of you who think you don’t need to have a change of tops available. Yes, yes you do. Yes, you do.
You will get hot; you will get sweaty and only a few people like draping their hands around a soaking top. Yes, we are active, and there is some give and take in this area, but if your top is hanging off you and a stone heavier than usual cos it’s full of sweat. Please change it.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Spare Top, Smellies, +
Dance Shoes (cos you have been doing it long enough to have some.)

Chocolate (Or any snack of your choice, but it should be chocolate.)

Bottle of Water. For recovery on the way home.

Hand Sanitizer. They are a lot of people and one or two of them will have come out with the sniffles when they should have stayed at home. Plus with lots of people, some just need a hose.


Level 3 – Expert


Top, smellies, shoes, sanitizer, chocolate. Water +


So, normally the umbrella comes in handy at weekenders from the long walks from the chalets to the venues during the usual English Spring and Autumn. However it will always be a welcome compliment to the bag. These days you can get really small ones everywhere so it’s not cumbersome at all.

But beware all of you, as you can fall over at the chivalry sexist quandary equation.

Chivalry, as we all know is now dead. You cannot treat the women folk in a different manor for just being women. Tis sexist, and vise versa . If there is only one brolly one two of you then we could cause an international diplomatic emergency of epic proportions. Or at the very least, a quiet drive home.

So to avoid any issues here we default to expense.

Hair vs Shoes. Which ever is most expensive, gets the brolly.

Level 4 – Master

Top, shoes, deodorant, choccy’s, sanitizer, water, brolly. +

Tea Bags.


I am a fan of a good cuppa just like any self respecting Brit but the tea bags are not for that. Tea is a natural deodoriser. In your bag it could be full of smelly sweaty shoes and tops. The easiest way to minimise issues is with a couple of tea bags in the shoes. Jobs a goodun.

If you don’t believe me just try it out once, or go in you house and find your wellies. Try it in those.

It’s only an issue if you forget about them and force your foot in splitting the bag.

Please note that this does not include froo froo fruity teas. Add to that you don’t really need your bag to smell of Peppermint or Summer berries do you now.

Level 5 – Epic.

Everything plus;

1st Aid Equipment.


The hard core are not going home because of simple injuries, twists, sprains or broken bones. They are out to dance and that’s that.

A bandage or two is always good.
Drugs to dull the pain, I would say paracetamol but most of us are of an age and have had proper issues. We have stuff much better than that fluffy wannabe pain killer, so watch yourself if people start offering pills out.
Deep Heat or Cold or equivalent. Is it me or does the smell of these just make you think of Winter Nights.


Anyways people. That’s the Dance Bag for you.
Any Surprises that you lot have. Please fee free to let us all know so we can mock you properly. Joke.
Let us know and share the knowledge.

Be Groovy.

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