What Dancers want for Xmas.

The season is almost upon us and this is the list you need to read.

As we all get a little older, the idea of just getting stuff diminishes to what we need. Unless there are little ones running around, then it is a free for all.

Trouble is most people don’t know what I need. I could scream it from the roof for them but that takes the fun out of forcing people to try and buy the right thing.

Watching their faces contort as they unsubtly ask you random questions throughout November trying to guess what’s required.

However, my fun is not others so here is a helpful list for the lost and confused.


The Shoe Bagthwot7jahb

A nice easy one to start with, the dance shoes need a carrier and these bags don’t tend to be treated well so could use a replacement now and then. Doesn’t need to be fancy just presentable as it will spend most of it’s life in the car boot or under the stairs.

The ladies normally have either very minimal string bags or the massive huge I can fit everything in here kind of bag. Hopefully, you know who you are buying for?

We men folk are easy, rucksack. Job sorted.


Some Dance Shoes

We can always do with a new pair of shoes. The wear and tear do its part but just getting new shoes is always groovy.

With the ladies this is easy, put in dance shoes into the internetty webby thing and you will have a choice of a bazillion. I would suggest their favourite colour as a baseline or just wimp out completely and ask which ones they want cos a bazillion is a lot of choices.

The men will be easy as well as there in no real option. Black, Black or Black. If you want to go nuts, you can have Black and White. Alright, it isn’t quite that bad but only just. Without getting them hand-made or doing it yourself, the pickings are few and far between. The only website I have had any luck here with is lightinthebox.com. Not much variation but some and it takes a while to arrive so enjoy.


Dance Clothes

First off, I’m not a clothes buyer. I don’t have good luck buying clothes for other people at all, so I’m not going to be brilliant here.

However, we dance, we sweat, we wash clothes and the kit just gets abused and needs replacing.
So there is an opportunity here.

With men, it is mainly about the sweat marks. You need to buy a top that doesn’t soak up sweat like a sponge and then display it like crazy.superhero-534120__340

If you do this, you will be a hero.

There are websites that sell shirts like this, the t-shirts you can get from sports shops.

If you want to go a bit flash then Waistcoats are an option, get something with a bit of colour to show off or not depending on the person. It does look smart either way.


For the ladies, cos they don’t sweat, it’s a thing. Medically proved and all that.

There is a lot of choices, but you need to remember nothing with an edge. What I mean by this is, dancers spin a lot and are in close contact with others. If something is going to catch then, it will. Those tops with shiny, sparkly diamontie bits on or lots of loose ties and bow ties and froo froo nonsense are horrific for a dancer.

NO                                NO                                Hell NO

You are looking for smooth, continuous and soft with colour.


Dance Lessons


Every dancer wants to get better or learn something new.

Every dance teacher looks like they could use the money. They do it for love; apparently, it’s like a vocational thing or something.

But, seriously, this is a good easy thing. Anywhere that teaches dancing will have an option for private tutoring. Any dancer will rip you hand off excepting this as a present.


And finally, the thing that most dances want over the Xmas break is;

A Dance


In a world full of stuff. The number one thing that any dancer on the planet would like most of all. In any way shape or form, is a dance.

It is one of the most amazing things, and to share that with the people you care about is special.

There is not a DVD or ring or plasma TV that will touch the sides in comparison. dancing-929816__340

The private, intimate dance with your lover, The fun Christmas drink dance with family. The night out for a party dance. The works do office dance. The night out at the local dance club.

Take your pick. It’s all we ever want and all we ever need.


We Dance therefore we Are.



If anybody knows of some good websites for any of these then please add it into the comments to help us all out. Be Groovy and Enjoy.

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