Start the Year with a Crime Spree!

Yes, my little deviants, let’s go robbing.

The new year is here and we lucky few know the secret of happiness.

Hot sweaty fun with multiple partners.


Dancing, I’m talking about dancing here people.

We’ve all got that right. OK. Fine, let’s move on then.

So, to keep the party going forever here is my cunning plan.

We need newbies and this time of year is perfect as we are going to do what everyone else does and prey on the weak.

No, not actually but we are going to take advantage of their new years resolutions. You remember those things that people without hope bother with to try and improve their empty lives.

Why? I hear you ask. Why should we bother? Why not let the dance companies get on with advertising and so forth.

Good question. My points would be stagnation and crap marketing.

Stagnation  thbd30i8vn

This is as it sounds, not groovy. We loose too many dancers to this tough, heartless bugger. Those that only go to local clubs once a week, need to have more people to play with otherwise they will get bored and disappear.

From there we work up, more individuals at club level will inevitably lead to more at the freestyles and then weekenders. Leading to more happy people in the world and the coming of the Utopia.

But why should we be the ones to do the work you ask again. Alright, alright calm down I’m getting there.

Crap Marketing.words-1797603__340

It’s good natured souls that run most of the clubs and events.

Most of their marketing is usually aimed at those already in the pot like yourself and not at the outside world trying to tease new people in.

As that is hard work, taking a lot of time and resources most of the small clubs do not have or don’t have the where with all to do it well.

So, it’s up to us.

Here is the plan.

New Years Resolutions. (NYR)

Most people who have made an NYR are looking for a change. The puppies who want to go to the gym are the prime target in this bunch.pilates-1204521__180

They might not be happy with their body, might want more confidence, might want to get fit. Might want to meet people Etc.

Any reason why someone wants to go to the gym this time of year due to an NYR should and would get more from coming out dancing. They just don’t know it yet.

We offer everything they have with the added benefit of fun, joy and happiness and cake.

Add to this; the gyms are spending money on advertising to get people to take action so our push won’t need to be more than one sentence.

“We offer everything the gyms have with the added benefit of fun, joy and happiness and cake.”

NYR + Marketing = Manipulation Opportunities.

All around this great nation of ours is the conversation about what the new year can bring. How many people have you heard mention the gym already? You know you have and are already fed up with it.

These are ripe fruit for the taking, and we should steal them. Right now. Steal them like they are a limited edition available for one day only ever with one sentence;

We offer everything they have with the added benefit of fun, joy and happiness and cake.

Some of you may have scruples and feel this is a path without honour. To you I say, well maybe a little, but, and it’s a big but.elephant-1379691__340

We, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor. We lucky few have access to a world of joy.

Would you rather send people towards the light or the overpriced juice bar?

We need to steal other people’s customers for the sake of humanitarian reasons.

The general well-being of the human species.

What could be more honourable that that?

I have already made a blog about how to get more men to dance, and this is also open to your personal touch. The method is sound; I have been using it for a while now, and it is working for me.

So try it out for anyone who may be teetering towards another direction and send then towards the light.


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