A Plea to the Cake Makers

Please save us all from the misery of missing out.

Here is a request to those of you who are making our nights out a little more special.


I suffer from Coeliac Disease.

This is that new fun wannabe issue of the decade, remember when it used to be TB? Anyway.

Now, I know some of you will on occasion be extra awesome and make a cake with something that says it is Gluten Free for us sad souls.lemon-loaf-cake-770316__340

The trouble is, wheat flour without gluten is like coffee without caffeine. Plain wrong, teetering towards unnatural and evil. It should not be allowed. It does not taste right; it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. It is just wrong.

We unfortunates know this, so we don’t often bother eating the cakes offered. Which in turn stops you making them anymore.

And we miss them 😦

So I’m begging and pleading to those of you who are fab and like to make cakes for the masses, to experiment like a crazed professor on meth to stop us few from missing out.

So we are all clear, this isn’t just for me to get you lot to make me a cake. No, no, no, it’s for you as well. That’s right this will help you too.

Pay attention as I am now going to blag how this is going to help you out.

Social Education


Coeliac Disease is a genetic disease that means your body reacts badly to the proteins in gluten, inflaming your intestinal track in the process messing up your digestion.

You probably knew that already didn’t you smarty pants.

However, what you might not know is that most people who have it, don’t know they have it.

Meaning, lots of individuals that suffer from this are running around with no idea what’s going on.

The reason they don’t make the connection is that the symptoms are so varied, from Dry Skin to Back Pain, and that’s even before you get to the Bowel issues. Add to that these things can be time delayed. So without a heads up they have no chance.

Why would you care and why should you go out of your way to change?

Two simple reasons.

These people complain a lot about a variety of aches and pains and their farts are epically awful.

Two very sound reasons why you should experiment right there as far as I can see.
Other reasons, as if you needed them could be;

Social Discourse.man-1483479__340

How often have you discussed recipes with your friends? Often. It is a basic for those who bring the cakes. Now, start to throw in new styles of cooking, and you are taking this to the next level.

Have a play with these types of flour for a laugh.

Potato, Rice, Corn, Peanut, Coconut, Almond, Garbanzo Bean.

All these new nuances to play with instead of just those plain old wheat flour things. Will add a new conversation for you on each occasion as you try different things out.

Learning is Good for the Soul.

Sounds about right, right?


Living without Sin.

As mentioned, most people who suffer from this affliction do not know it. Every time you make a cake for the dance, you could be poisoning people. That’s on you now.

You wickedly bad person you. Bad you.Bad, bad you.


Helping your Fellow Man.

If the people who don’t know why their farts are so lethal are eating wheat flour, then the problem continues. If they have a night without it then;

1. It is possible that they might not be so toxic, which helps us all out. Each and every one of us.
2. If they are not suffering symptoms, they might cheer up and stop talking about personal stuff none of them needs to share.
3. After a pain-free night out they may recognise a pattern and realise what’s occurring. (This one is slim, but surely the possibility of transforming someone’s life has to be worth it right.)

In conclusion, to you who do make an effort and offer your good will and time by making cakes for the masses, you would be helping poor ignorant unfortunates if you make some simple changes to your baking.

And put a sign on the cake saying what it made with as well so you reap the glory you deserve.

Yes, it benefits me as well, but that is a mere coincidence. I don’t want you thinking about how I have used my blog to try and get some cake.

Lemon Drizzle, I like Lemon Drizzle in case your interested.cake-1234770__340

No, no, no, this is about all those poor unfortunates remember. You are gracious people and will be helping out like true Samaritans. You could possibly be considered saints. That is how important this is.

Now is the perfect time to try out new recipes. Although anytime would be I suppose but why not choose to think of it as a new years resolution or something of that ilk.

Do it for you.

Lemon Drizzle Cake for you. Yay!

Lemon Drizzle Cake for Everyone, Super Yay!


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