How to Get your Mojo back!

Here is the cheat sheet you need to speed up the process.

We have all been here.

Something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it to figure it out.

You go out for a boogie and the evening falls flat.

The trip home seems to take forever, and the next opportunity for a dance doesn’t quite grab you the way it used to.

You try a few more times to find the missing ingredient, and for some people, this is where they fall off the dance wagon.

We all know people who have just disappeared off the scene because of this. Their flow had gone, and they just couldn’t find it again.

When it is gone, you search high and low. You try everything to no end.

Because the Mojo is related to the Bogeyman

Ever find one of those anywhere. No, Exactly. You can’t find the pesky sods if you are looking. It breaks the natural order of the universe.

So, if you can’t find the bugger when you are looking, the only option is to lure it back.

How do you lure the Mojo?

Simple, ready. All you need is 4 things.


Vitamin D

That’s what it says in all the posts and articles I have read. I know right, who would believe I research anything.

So, vitamin D. Your body generates it from ultraviolet light. So go outside and catch some rays.

There is lots of solid science behind this but that’s boring so just go with it will ya.

It makes you happy. Seriously, it makes you happy because of science and stuff. I told you I did the research.

This might help.

Get off your arse and go for a walk you miserable sod.



Do something new!

As in, do something to take your mind off the hunt. It doesn’t have to be globe trotting on a unicycle or that much fun, just something not the usual.

A new experience to shake things up in your fuzzy mind. Pick something, anything and just do it.


Treat Yourself.

Do yourself a favour and look after yourself by doing something nice for you.camel-1615446__340

You are awesome and deserve something. A new car, a camel, a choccy bar.

Whatever takes your fancy ( and you can afford to feed.)

A little bit of what you like is good for you 🙂

and Forthly.

Chill Out.


Properly, not just a little. Take a step back; you are allowed to relax and have some time to yourself. You are allowed to just breath and take a moment, then another and another.

You are allowed, I give you permission. If anyone has a problem here, you send those interfering haters to me, and I will sort it out.

Relax, chill, Zen, decompress, whatever is your groove but make it happen. Go out of your way to make it happen. It’s important so do it.

Let us recap for those of you with a short attention span.

1. Don’t go looking for the Mojo; it doesn’t like needy people.

2. Get out and soak up some happy vitamin. I know in this weather that may be hard, it’s part of the thing so do it.

3. Do something new to shake up those cobwebs.

4. Treat Yourself.

5. And Relax

In principle, the plan it to chill out, relax, take a breath and start again with a fresh outlook.

Mojo’s like a fresh outlook, they are all about the positive.

We have all lost the critter and normally get it back after we had finished trying to force the issue and forgot about it. Suddenly the bugger pops up when you weren’t looking.

This is the cheat sheet to speed up that process.

Be groovy people.

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