Be a Better Dancer Instantly; Part 2.

The first one was pure genius; this one is deep.

If you need to read the 1st one, here it is.  Part 1 ( you can explain to me why you haven’t read it before later ;-p .)

But today’s lesson is this;

Are you a Dancer?


Yes, I hear you say. I go out dancing all the time.

Some of you will think this answer to be fair and valid.

But it isn’t because that is not what I asked.

Some happy people read my question in an entirely different way.

They did this because they see the world differently.

Are You a Dancer?

My question was not, is this activity just a thing you do to pass the time?

It was a direct question into your mindset and a loaded question to boot.

If your answer was already yes; then be well my brothers and sisters of the dance floor.

If, however, your reply was; why yes, I go out dancing all the time. Listen carefully to me for I will now share a secret that offers you much power.



Be a Dancer!

I know, I know. Its a lot to take in, but just go with the flow and don’t fight it. The harder you struggle, the worse it is.

But seriously, what I want you to consider is your motivation. From this, you gain energy and a reason to act a certain way.

I am a Dancer.

I pinky-swear-329329__340don’t claim to be the best. I just claim the honorific. I don’t get paid for this, nor is there a cost for membership, and unfortunately not even a secret handshake.

However, I do gain from being one.

By claiming this title, there is a freedom. It is a simple step but a significant one.

The movement you take while dancing will no longer be a mere sequence learnt. It becomes an extension of who you are.

Because of a simple different way of thinking about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The steps are no longer the variation within this moment. You and how you respond are.

What are the Positives?

The freedom to relax and play with how you move offers a vast chance to learn and gain.

Even if you did the same dance step repeatedly, it will never truly be the same as you are no longer bound to the mere steps. Every time, you will be experimenting slightly to find more depth and layers to play in.

It’s actually expected, cos your a dancer. That’s what dancers do.

  1. For dancers are about the whole body.
  2. For dancers are about conveying emotion without words.
  3. For dancers are all about performing.
  4. For dancers live and breath movement.


And why do all this? Cos it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.

Being emotionally involved makes this fab thing we do a whole bunch better.

To Be or Not To Be!


Random Segue.

Doctor Who gets very excited when he remembers some species name. There is always that moment when he calls himself an idiot as this piece of information eludes him. Then, suddenly it’s there, and a lot of mysteries now make perfect sense.

He doesn’t do this just cos the script says so. No, no, no.

There is knowledge in those words, as names have power.

They offer history, a reasoning for their actions. Names provide an understanding of their desires. A level of intimacy that makes them multi-dimensional.

It offers a stable connection to who they are.

It conveys the final result!



So, for all of you newbies and ditherers out there. For all of you trying to get a bit better than yesterday.

On this sacred day. I give you the power to be who you want to be. To have more fun than you already were having. To give you permission to play and try things out without any repercussions.

I, Zorro, name you for ever more.




Hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to like and share.

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