2 Reasons To Dance Outside

I challenge you all to go outside for a boogie.

Most importantly, I don’t ask you to do this for you but others.

Cos, normally with my blogs, I’m trying to give back. Pass on the knowledge or solve problems. Trying to at least.

However, on this occasion, I think we should all just go out and show off to help those who don’t know what they are missing out on.

Where to go?

Festivals and stuff, as it is the festival season and lots of events are occurring all over the place. I don’t mean Glastonbury as such. I mean local events or Pubs with the Live music kinda thing to find locals for your future dancing pleasure.audience-1850119__340

Just somewhere out of your normal dancy world.

“Why Zorro?” I hear you ask.

Reason 1


I expect, like me. You are getting the odd request or quiet plea to help out about low memberships.
Now, I have covered a one-to-one technique on how to sell our joyous fun to some people. Which is still working for me, and is offered to you in ever hopeful optimism. How to get More Men to Dance.

However, we need more than one way to skin a cat, as it were.

So, this is level two of that same thing. Getting more people to come dancing.

We are going to show off.peacock-1312431__340
Parade our skills and flaunt our awesomeness.

Telling people about how much fun we have, cannot hold a candle to showing people how much fun we have.

Public displays of the dance styles we have will create interest.
So grab a partner and have a go, once you are in full flow see if you can drag some poor unsuspecting fool to join in.

I have boogied at festivals, shopping centres and a couple of random outdoor events.

The looks you get range across the board. However, the look of interest will be in the majority.

You don’t even have to talk to people if you don’t fancy it. Just rock out and get your groove on.

Worst case scenario. You have fun in the sun.


The most organised event that I know about is the Upton Blues Festival in late July. There is a Facebook page and everything. Dancers going to Upton Blues

If you have your own, then share it people, get out there and make a difference. Any interest we can work up here can only be positive.

This is my main reason for mentioning the outdoors thing.

However, there is a second reason if you need another.


Reason 2

How many times have you got lost in the habit of just doing the same old thing?


For leads this is easy, the move patterns just happen, and you get stuck in autopilot. For the follows, it’s not quite the same as you have to respond to the moves, yet, if you dance with people on autopilot often, then you do not have to stretch yourself or your styling.

Now, this isn’t a telling off. It’s just an understanding and acceptance of reality.
If you go to the same place and dance with the same people week in, week out then the inevitable is, well, inevitable.

So, we need to shake it up a bit.mountains-1622731__340

Dancing in the middle of a field will have that effect.

The grass is not our friend, and neither is the roadside.
And because of that, you have to think before you act.

You won’t be able to switch off for a second.

  • The floor isn’t smooth, so you have to pay attention to your footwork.
  •  The floor isn’t smooth, so your body will have to adjust to the new conditions.
  •  The floor isn’t smooth, so half your moves are void, so you will have to think what moves will.

You will have to break down what you do and adapt to the situation.

Everything will have to slow down. Which gives you time to think. It gives you time to add in little extras that you might never get the chance to normally.

It gives you the opportunity to play and muck about with your art.

Most of which will be just for the moment and can be forgotten instantly. However, some little bits will be able to be carried over to your usual dance nights giving you an extra lift.

What more can you ask for?

Will it be the best dance in the living history of our species? Doubtful.
Will it be fun? Highly Likely.
Will you learn something? Yes.



There were just a couple of ideas to get you going.

Hope you like the post, if you did then please like and share.

If you have any more ideas for us all then please let us know.










2 thoughts on “2 Reasons To Dance Outside

Add yours

  1. A Bovis Home Marketing Day, that sounds kind of special. I would try and drag someone you know out to the festivals as everyone else only gets to listen. We get to dance and listen- Twice the Fun 🙂


  2. I totally agree. It’ ts certainly much harder dancing outside – I’ve done a lot as a child because our dance school used to get wheeled out to do ballet displays – the weirdest was a Bovis Homes marketing day!

    Even things like busks are good fun – you get to be passionate about your dancing with people who’ve no idea. Yes you don’t get many people then come along afterwards, but it’s always fun and nice to do something different. There haven’t been many opportunities recently (and having a child to drag along doesn’t really work that well either) but dancing at festivals would be great fun. Just a shame I’m never with anyone else who can dance.

    Liked by 1 person

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