Make Each Other a Legend this Xmas

Something to think about for the Works Parties that will be coming your way soon.

The Works Christmas Party.

I know it’s early, but you have to get these things out as soon as otherwise it’s already too late. Plus, works do’s only have the vaguest relevance to Xmas and could happen anytime.


I have a Dream, a Works Do Dream

We have survived the oversized meal that wasn’t that good cos it was mass prepared for the corporate event. It was alright, but no-one is taking selfies for their Instagram account.

conference-2705706__340Then come the speeches that the management feel are a minimum requirement for a party. Why we silently ask as they drone on and on, come on, there’s a free bar. Suck it up and thank everyone so we can go get hammered.

After a staggering half hour of blah blah, we would like to thank Kenneth for his hard bar-724162__340work etc. Polite applause echo about while all eyes are on the lone bar person who hasn’t got the sense to be stacking them up in preparation.

And lastly Megan would like to say a few words about next years projections.
“No More” the crowd scream and on mass we all surge to the bar.

The night moves on as is its habit.

A dance floor has appeared, and the DJ isn’t utterly destroying the fragile state of office workers trying to be friendly with people who are not their friends.

Somehow, I am in mid-conversation with a group of random strangers talking about something and being very funny in the process, ( It’s a fantasy, I’m allowed.)

girl-1275655__340A beautiful woman, dressed to impress walks in attracting the attention of all in attendance, she struts like a panther straight over to me. Takes my hand and walks me over to the still empty dance floor.

The new track starts, and it’s perfect for us to rock this joint. We are one with every move working to it’s optimal effect, and we don’t repeat one. A whole dance of perfectly sequenced excellence banged out to the entertainment of the crowd. The lady in question is hamming up for all she’s worth and looking spectacular doing so.tango-1813688__340

It is a ballet of baskets and whips.

The track ends, and she leaves without a backward glance. I return to the conversation which is now side-tracked as everyone wants to talk about the dancing.

And for one night, I become a legend at work.


That’s It.

And that’s it; I’m not after promotion. I just want people to see me at my best for once. Which believe me, isn’t at work. On top of that, no one at work really gets why what we do is so satisfying for us.

So, it’s a double whammy of showing off and giving the muggles a treat.tango-1813691__340

Now, think about it. We could all do this for each other.


Granted, there is the whole logistics of it all. Getting dolled up for five minutes is an effort. I know, don’t think I don’t.

It’s just; we could make each other Legends.

Reality 1

So, I have decided you should all check with each other to see if the timing works out and you can pop out from your party to gate-crash someone else’s.

It cuts down on the logistics, you’re already going to be dressed up, and you will probably have partaken in the festivities a bit so some display dancing won’t tickle many nerve endings.

Here are some rules of the night just to add some gravitas.

1) Just one dance. It is a flying visit to create a spectacle.
2) Do not engage with the crowd. It will lose its pizazz if you start shouting alright Tess to your boss.
3) At the end of the dance, you can have a quick cheek kiss, but after that, it’s getting out of dodge as soon as to create the air of mystery.
4) Be dressed up. You’re trying to create a spectacle remember.

Reality 2

In my heart, I know this is just me being silly, but wouldn’t be fun. A fantasy made real to just harmlessly show off to all the people who are missing out.

Possible in the process, grab some recruits as well.

Think about it, that’s all I ask.

We are the seeds of Utopia my Brothers and Sisters of the dance floor. It has to start somewhere so why not this Christmas, by making each other Legendary.















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  1. At my work I’ve discovered 1 guy does ballroom and latin, and another does ceroc. If only our christmas do wasn’t a straight after work, in the office nibbles, drinks and quiz!

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