Xmas Dancing Challenges

That’s right, plural.
Calm down it’s nothing too bad; this isn’t the Krypton Factor.

So,th forget the presents for the family this year. This time, Xmas is all about YOU.
Maybe something for the kids but don’t go silly, they already have everything. Lets focus on what is the most meaningful here.

Are you ready?

Challenge 1

The First Dance.

We all remember our first real dance, not the beginners class lessons or the freestyles that took place directly afterwards where nothing worked for weeks.

I mean, the first dance. The one where you finally got it. That moment when the realisation that you could dance hit home. Where all the pointers had been heading to but hadn’t come together before, until now.

That Dance.

Obvs, I can’t make you relive that moment. However, I can charge you with the task of helping the newbies to reach that pinnacle juncture.

Let them have their Eureka moment.

To be fair, I’m not 132 percent sure how to score this.Dejected_Snowman
First off you need a newbie, then what, bombard them with questions?
Do you ask them if they still think they’re useless?
Then do you dance with them all night long till they get it?

Then, do we do a quick EEG test to see what their Alpha and Gamma brain-waves are doing to confirm our job is done?

EEG Machs are available on Amazon ( I kid you not. only £1700.00 ) if you want to get serious about this.

If you don’t have access to a brain reading machine, or for some reason they aren’t willing to be electroded up mid freestyle;

Just dance with some newbies and see if they looked like they had a Eureka moment.



Challenge 2

Dance of the Night.

Nice and easy one here.

How many times can you get told: “That was the Dance of the Night.”
In one evening’s outing.

Different variants on this statement are admissible, but they must indicate no other dance will beat yours. The judges will not except any standard flattery here; they are looking for over the top declarations.



Challenge 3

Dance with That Dancer.

There, for a lot of us, is that Dancer. You know who they are.
The one you don’t dance with because…

Usually it is a lack of confidence and or misinterpretation on ones part.
They are too good to dance with, or we fancy them, or they do technical stuff we aren’t good at, or we still fancy them,  etc.

So, part three is simple; You have to ask them to dance.

(Please note that this does not mean you have to dance with the Creepy, Weird, Freaky.  Smelly Dancers. If there is a bloody good reason you don’t dance with them, that is quite clearly a different thing. Pay attention and stop mucking about.)th8JXG7MQ6

If you are supremely confident and you don’t fear anyone then whoop-de-doo for you, you random psychopath you.  This will be a test for the normal humans then, ok.


This one is deep so just go with it, please. It’s all psychological

How good was your night out?

1. I had fun, but nothing epic happened. = 5 Points.
2. I had a great night, lots of good dances with new people. = 10 Points.
3. Best night ever! = 22.54 Points.


I have a theory.

To have a fab night out, you need to do a couple of things.

  1. Paying attention to your fellow dance buddies for decent dances.
  2. Help others out while having some fun.
  3. Challenge yourself a little bit.

The Xmas Challenges are here to try and get you to have a fab night out.

This is my Christmas gift to you all.( Cos I don’t have any money to buy you stuff 😛 .)

So, to all my brothers and sisters of the dance floor;

Be Happy, Be Awesome and have a Very Merry Christmas.




2 thoughts on “Xmas Dancing Challenges

Add yours

  1. I’ve seen Revdrop dance with a Broken Leg. All you have to do is walk around with a spare bar stool to lean on 🙂 Look after yourself and hopefully have some cracking xmas boogies. Merry Christmas.


  2. Loving the idea. I’m hoping my ankle is better soon so I can actually make some dances this Christmas, otherwise my dancing will be limited to asking my 6yo to dance (who looks at me oddly when I do this!)

    Liked by 1 person

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