The Sticky Floor Life Hack.

A couple of cheats on how to deal with the dancers worst nightmare.

Here are a few ideas to make sure you can keep on rocking when the floor could be the thing trying to stop you.

Short-Term Life Hack 1 for One Nights Dancing.

Talcum Powder is the obvious answer; we have all seen this in play. It’s quick and easy.
However, there are some negatives to this as well. The stuff stinks and billows in the air, making it difficult in the immediate vicinity to start with. Once it’s down, depending on how well it was dispersed, it can make the floor too slippy.slide-1015723__340


The most significant issue is more to do with health and safety on a business level than a personal one. The event team or even the building owners will become liable if anyone has an accident due to someone chucking talc all over the place. So, some might let its use slide (forgive the pun.) Others won’t (Allow the talc’s use or forgive the pun.)

There is a Gluten Free option if you need it, which is cornstarch. Almost the same consistency of talc without the imbued perfume, however, if this stuff gets wet it turns into a fun paste.

Both need a proper clean up afterwards, but that will be someone else’s problem.


Short-Term Life Hack 2, for More than One Dance.

If you wear trainers, then why? What’s wrong with you? Why would you be a dancer and then destroy the quintessential connection between you and the floor? This, in turn, drives how you move and how you relate to your dance partner. What possible reason can you have that would choose to debilitate yourself in such a fashion you evil, evil person?

Anyway, if you wear trainers, then duct tape wrapped around them can work for you.


For those of you with a soul who wear dance shoes, then the gentler artist tape is the answer.

All you have to do is put five or six strips on your soles, across the ball of the foot.

The Pro is a good

This works well and can be good enough to dance on concrete, let alone a duff wooden floor. There is a little bit of experimenting needed to get strips overlapped sufficiently to work but not so much that they bunch up while you’re dancing. A couple of go’s and you will have that down well enough.

This is a trick that travelling dance instructors use, as a lot of places they rock up to aren’t fit for purpose, so it is a practical tip.
The tape is cheap enough and small enough that it can fit in any dance bag. It’s quick and easy to apply. The artist/Painters tape ( like scotch tape, masking tape etc.) Blue-painters-tape-rolls-700x550is strong enough to stick to the shoes, but the glue is Acid Free so shouldn’t do damage to the soles.

The Con is also a good one.


In theory, you could leave the tape on your shoes for three or four nights dancing. The trouble comes when the tape is disintegrating. The more shredded it is, the harder is to get off your shoes which could cause some damage to them while you are trying to scrub the stuff off. The less time it’s on, the better to help avoid this problem.

The Long-Term Solution.

Complaining is the answer to all our problems.

Now, let’s not get silly. I don’t need the police coming round saying I’ve started some epidemic. Describing unsuspecting organisers getting blitzed by Talc or Duct tape while people are screaming “Bloody Sticky Floors.” at them.

Let’s keep this civil, OK.

I’m looking for proper British complaining here, stern looks and a strategic tut here and there. In the worst case scenarios, you may engage with sarcasm.

The main trouble is, complaining on the night isn’t going to fix anything that night. It’s already too late to sort it out.

What are they going to do, stop the event and wash the floor, then pull out the polish machine while everyone is having a chat over a cuppa?chat-23713__340

Probably not, I mean they might but I haven’t seen it happen yet so …

However, you have to say something otherwise things don’t change.

Not much needs to be said as a sticky floor will be a death knell to any dance club.

It will cause injury after injury and people will learn to stay away, but people do need to be told otherwise they don’t know, and if they don’t know, then they won’t fix it.

If they don’t fix it, then it could be the death knell of another club, which no one wants.

Please don’t presume someone else will say something, the more complaints, the merrier. Not for the event organiser obviously, but they wanted to be in charge of a club so let them enjoy the spoils.

This is a self-defence exercise, not a mercenary attack. attack-1840256__340These people are generally renting a room so going full tilt at them is not necessary. However, they are responsible, and as I said, a sticky floor will cause injuries, so it’s a valid issue to address.

We need to protect ourselves people, but there is no need to be nasty about it. We just have to say something, and the world will tilt in our favour. We are the seeds of the coming Utopia people, let’s act accordingly.

Have fun and stay safe.









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