Let’s Make the Nation into A Dancetopia.

Let’s get going right now and think about a free festival.

After thinking about how we lucky few seem to have it all while the world’s news is full of no fun at all. I declare that we should sort it out by helping the lost find the way.

So how do you go about making a dance utopia? It needs to be a simple few steps just to get everyone off to the right start.

1.We need a flag; every great organisation has a flag. A simple design does it best,pirate-47705__340 something with a striking contrast to catch the eye. It’s essential that they are put up everywhere as a constant reminder to all about who’s in charge and what’s going on.
2. A Chant would be good, something short and catchy,
“Four legs good, two legs bad.” was my thought, You know, partner dancing, so four legs? This needs to be advertised on tv and radio somehow. If we can get it repeated on an hourly basis then all the better.ninja-152415__340
3. Clothing, we need a uniform of some sort, this always unites people. I’m not a fashion designer, but black is always a good shout. Slimming, that’s what I was thinking.

So, to recap…oh no, can you see what I’ve done here, let’s not do that.

Change of plans, no more Making a Utopia.
Let’s just sow the seeds that may lead in the right direction.

OK, let’s try that again: New Plan.

Something I think we might need to do to tilt the world towards a dancetopia:

 An Organisation for Social Dancing, to find some money to build up our presence.

I’m thinking “A Learn to Partner Dance Festival.” tent-48817__340

We need some group asking people with money to give us some. I don’t know of any groups already doing this, and I’ve bounced about for a while now.

Some time ago I went on a rant called:

‘Where’s the Love for Modern Jive?’

It made me teary-eyed when I wrote it, and it still does. It was pretty much a declaration of my love to all of you and the little bubble we fill. The reasons are many and varied, you lovely people you.

The main ones are;

We don’t discriminate against anyone, all we do is positive.

We live and breath art and culture.

Pretty good reason for people to support us, what do you reckon?

Not sure if my inspirational words alone are enough to get the Arts Council to give us a 100K grant for a festival to teach people to dance, yet it might be worth asking.

Just think what we could do at one small festival if we could get some money together.

We could get all the dancing styles engaged – from MJ to Kizomba – and set up the platform to show them all off.

Multiple marquees with lots of dance floors showing off the differences and similarities, offering the chance to join in at any time.

Beginner Classes all over the place.

We could ask local clubs to get involved, in part we need teachers and DJ’s, and they could advertise their clubs. We could put the shout out for anyone else who wants to get involved, and I know loads who would.hands-1939895__340

If we do it in a city, then the diversity within the region also works in our favour.

With money to advertise appropriately then such a significant event could build its momentum with interest. Do it right in the middle of Strictly Come Dancing, so that is helping out as well.

We pay for the BBC, seems only fair to abuse it for our ends.

  • All of this to get people to see us in action.
  • Get them to see how easy it is to get started and involved. 
  • To challenge them to take a few steps in the right direction.

Worse case scenario, we have a good day out, and the local clubs get some new members.
Best case scenario, we finish off the night with one of the Biggest and Best Freestyles ever seen on planet Earth.new-years-eve-1953253__340

And then we do it again the next year in a different city, make it a roving festival so the whole country can get an oomph.

Then the World Tour.

This feels like a keeper, this feels like a solid plan.
Quick question.
Does anyone know how you start an Organisation?


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