Zorro’s Do’s and Don’ts on the Dance Floor, Again.

It’s not hard; there is only One. (Revised Ruling)

Déjà vu for some of you, as I have written about this rule before. However, that was back in the good old days, when I was young and foolish. In those days when everything was so one dimensional.

The rule back then in those simpler times was a single point: Don’t be a Cock.


However, with age comes wisdom, and I have come to understand, with much schooling cat-2244301__340and severe meditation, that there needs to be a second half to the rule for it to be complete.

My error at the time was a basic one; I was being miserable and only covered the negative things not to do.

So, to add the Yang to my Yin. Here is the revised rule:

Don’t be a Cock, Be Inspiring.

The inspiringness is a conscious decision situation as opposed to you just going “But I’m already amazing. What more do you need from me?”
In this case, you have to actively be inspiring on purpose for the benefit of your fellow dancers for it to be applicable on your CV.

As there is already the negative list out there we won’t go over that again. Do’s and Dont’s Part One

Here is the opposite checklist to see how inspiring you are.


1) Does everyone wants to dance with you? (Not applicable to Newbies for various reasons.) It should be the norm that you don’t get a chance to sit down all night, with bonus points if you can get a queue started.
2) When you make a compliment about your partners dancing, do they stammer a thank you?
3) Do the dancers better than you recognise that you are trying to emulate them?
4) Do the newbies know that you won’t show them up, but will challenge them.
5) If you or your partner makes a mistake mid-dance, are the next few seconds full of smiles?
6) When there is a discussion about a thingamabob, do you get called over so people can hear your opinion?
7)  Do people pause after a dance to say how special it was?
8) After a dance, do you get dragged over to a stranger? As the partner states, their friends have to dance with you.
9) Do people come over to tell how much they have enjoyed watching you dance?
10) Are people confused when they see you do a beginners class?


There you go, simples. zorro-152704__180

However, I hear some of you saying, ”But what if I’m not inspiring, how can I be?
What secrets to the universe, young Zorro, can you teach us that will make us more than we are?

“I can teach you plenty,” I reply from my self-made pedestal.
I jest, I don’t do manual labour, I bought it.


It is simple, as with most things. Simple to learn but hard to master.

All you have to do is understand one truth, and the curtains of life will fall away and allow the sunlight in. And that one truth is;

The Learning Never Stops. 


If it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.untitled

There you go, one simple all-inclusive truth that will lead you to be inspirational.

Part 1)  Once you concede that every dance/dancer/track/move/etc.linked-152575__340
Can offer you something new to learn, and you realise there are various ways to do every single thing. You then have to accept your experiences can only ever be part of and not the whole thing. It’s all about the interconnectedness of all of us and our search for the perfect dance in a never-ending cycle of dance/learn/repeat. You then realise you might not be the Dog’s B*^£^&*ks you walk around believing yourself to be, and/or/also not that bad either; as you can only ever be a part of the whole. It’s a shared group experience.

Part 2) And the duck bit is about not overcomplicating stuff.

In conclusion, get over yourself and don’t make life complicated.

People like that, and they like people who seem to be able to do that without being a cock about it.

If you can do that, then Job done. You are on your way to being an inspirational legend.










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