8 Meals to Survive a Weekender

There are snacks as well; I’m not a complete monster.

Weekenders are an endurance event, so eating well means more dancy fun.

We have covered weekenders before as they are a heady thing, especially for the newbies. Here is one of them 🙂    3 Random things to Improve your Weekenders.

So, you have chosen to take part in a 60+ hour dance event. Here are some food ideas to help you survive and keep on rocking.

I’m not going to go crazy on nutrition, however as we will all be going full tilt there is a need for all the food groups.

The Basics are;

  1. Protein – Heals and Builds Muscle.
  2. Carbohydrates — Energy
  3. Fats – Stored Energy, Help the Proteins get to work.

Plus, all these meals are all easy to make cos you’re all going to be tired.

Let us begin. ( The blue, underlined ones have a recipe linked to them if you want to check it out.)

Friday Night.


Pizza = You’re on Holiday, go nuts. Get it from the site it you can.

untitled (5)

Half of us have been at work and or driven for hours; there is little want for preparing a big meal after that so lets just skip it.

Or here is a pan fried version if the cooking is part of your social bonding. Frying pan Pizza Bianco

It’s a pretty good set up for a night out with lots of Carbs.



2 Egg Fresh Vegetable Omelette.

Your focus in this is 3 or 4 vegetables to add to the omelette.

untitled (3)We are going for a condensed vitamin hit here to kick start the day.

A good combo would be; Asparagus, Red Pepper, Red Onions, and Chillies. (Something hot and spicy will add an extra oomph to your metabolism.)

Morning Snack

Greek Yogurt with Fruit and Granola.

thH46JW9RRAgain, a substantial hit of stuff that’s good for you. Adding this on top of breakfast means you should be ready to face the world.


Spicy Tuna Avocado Wrap with Couscous Salad with Tomatoes and Mint

thH3PMNQK6So, start with tuna in oil, that’s to be drained off we want an oily base in the meal.

Wholemeal wraps for fibre, avocado are fantastic. Plus a bit of a different kind of salad to keep you happy.

Afternoon Snacks

Coconut Macaroons.thVEPYDNE6

We are building up the carbs and sugars here. Plus they are yummy. You could just buy some but click the link for all the recipes.


Sweet Potatoes with Cheese and Beans.


Super simple and has lots of carbs to help you get through the early hours.



Banana and Peanut Butter Rolled in Pita Bread


By now the dehydration is starting to kick in so some extra fibre could be helpful. There is no recipe for this one as the clue is in the title.

Morning Snack

Chinese Spiced Seed MixthUK4LT2HO

Different and good for you, if you don’t want to do the cheffy spiced bit, just go with a nut mix.

Lots of protein and fat. The spices, again, kick off the metabolism to help you get up and Adam early on.


Tikka Salmon with Basmati Rice

Easy to make and full of joy full goodness to your aching body. untitled (4)

This is a one pan special so not much washing up either. Aren’t I good to you.

Afternoon Snacks

Celery with Avocado Feta Dip.


A bit of a classy dip to see you through the afternoon.



untitled (2)

It’s a classic for a reason; It has got everything you need for a dancy night out as long as you lay off the garlic. Remember you are going dancing with other people.





Full Irish Breakfast. th

Because you deserve it. Plus, the shear amount of everything will replenish your empty stores to keep you going on the long dark road home. It has more than the English version which will be an extra little booster for you.



Those are the meals that I think you should get into to survive a dance weekender.

  1. Lots of Protein to heal up the damaged muscles.
  2. Lots of Carbs to give you more energy throughout the extended dance sessions.
  3. Lots of fats to top up you bodies reserves and help the proteins kick in.


Everything should be easy enough to make and the potions are generous. Grabbing the ingredients shouldn’t be to strenuous either.

Hopefully there are some nice ideas for you to play with.





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