Sing to Me while we Dance.

It keeps happening, so I now put in requests.

Over the years many women have serenaded me through the dance evenings.

The number has fluctuated with no discernable pattern. However, it is a constant in my world.

Part of me believes it’s as if I have earnt a level of trust, that these blessed souls feel so comfortable in my presence that they can. I’m going to say sing, as no-one appears to have had formal training.

Sometimes I think; “This is nice.”
Sometimes it like;


Another part of me believes it’s because my dancing is so dull my partners need to entertain themselves. That these peoples minds are not being dazzled beyond belief, and this is the only path left to survive the next three minutes.

My hard hitting research, relaxing-1979674__340has shown that singing has scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins.

To be fair, most of what I found ran alongside what dancing does. Makes you happy, de-stressed, a fantastic lover and so on.

But, and it’s a big but.

Why sing when you should be concentrating on dancing?

  • Singing can improve your balance, so it could be helpful there.
  •  Singing can improve your posture, so it could be helpful there.
  •  Singing can make you look younger as your exercising muscles not regularly used by most of us.

Does this make me the fountain of youth personified?
Could be!

And yet, even with this revelation still ringing across the universe, I am bemused.
I am bemused people.

Does this act help or hinder the dancing?
Do I stop it, or should I encourage more for the benefit of humanity?

If I scream into the night; “For the love of god woman, will you stop wailing at me like a deranged cat on meth.”
Does this make me the good guy?

Granted, that would deserve a slap, but wouldn’t the ends justify the means. Couldn’t this little cruelty save a lost soul? Would I not go down in history as a hero?anime-1012242__340

To be fair, that’s doubtful.

I do know that when I’m flirting with someone and they start singing, but then the songs a bit too suggestive that it all goes awkwardly as the flirt has gone way too far too soon.

Then you have the diplomatic embarrassment section where the standard parameters get reset, and eye contact, just for a few seconds, has to be avoided.
I like those moments of silliness. That cheers me up no end.

And yet, even with that. Should I let this continue?
Am I doing them any favours by letting it go on?

  1. Would they be a worse dancer if they don’t sing along?
  2.  Am I over thinking this and its just a dance so get over it?
  3.  Should I duet with them?

 Should we all harmonise whilst dancing to create a massive musical like spectacular?


I don’t know the answer to my questions and have just let it be.

However, it is a question that every once in a while pops into the head, and I’ve never got round to asking anyone just in case they didn’t realise they were doing it.

Why do you sing at me?

If you know why, then answers on a postcard, please 🙂
Send them to your neighbours and see what happens.


Be happy, and I hope you are going to the Upton Blues Festival later this month for some disorganised outdoor dancy fun times.

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