How to Get more Men to Dance – Part 2

Here are 10 Persuasive Rules to get More Men to Dance.

It starts with you getting a dog, after that it gets complicated.

We have covered this subject before with the Sell a Sausage principle. The salesmans pitch to get more men to dance.

Now we are going to delve deep into the psyche.meditation-1384758__340

We are going to abuse the art of persuasion. Sorry, use the art of persuasion.

Erm, maybe. No, I was right the first time. Welcome to your guide to getting more men to dance, even if they don’t want to.

Let us begin.

You have a target that you think would be a good dancer. If only you could get the bugger to the club, you know they would enjoy it.

Deep in your soul you know they could be; ONE of US.

So how to get them there.

Timing is key; location is key, you are a key. Stories are key, and patterns are key.

There are lots of keys people.key-3497145__340

You decide to have a chat about dancing with your victim.

To make them One of Us,(well done.)

However, you will now know that it isn’t just a chat.

This is war. As such, it needs a bit of preparation.

Not much, once you understand the rules.

The Rules to abuse persuasion and get more men to dance;

1. Timing.hourglass-620397__340

If someone is giving you a presentation on how to stay focused, interrupting them to ask if they want to come dancing is, at a guess, not the opportune moment.

2. Location.

No starting a casual conversation on people as they;

  • Start the perilous descent.
  • Navigate the treacherous waters.
  • Trying to figure out how to get out of the serial killers’ maze.

However selfish they may appear at first glance. Don’t start when your target is very focused is on other things. They need to be open for your manipulations.

3. You.

Yes you, you are essential. Never forget that.

You are the finished article; if you come across as a loon, then all is lost. Come over like a god and all will be groovy.

4. Appeal to Logic.

There are a plethora of good reasons to be a dancer, pick some and go with it.leisure-3371225__340


5. Appeal to Emotion.

A good salesperson will find a fear and then sell the cure.

You need to find their fear and destroy them with it mhahahahahah.

Or you know, offer the cure to whatever their fears may be if you know them.

6. Rhetorical Questions.

I should use a rhetorical question here, but I thought, what’s the point?

Or if you want some real ones to work with;

After a hards week work, don’t we all deserve to go somewhere to relax and have fun?

I find gyms boring, don’t you think exercise should be fun as well?

Rhetorical Questions make your listener challenge their viewpoint. Which allows you the opportunity to implant yours, not mischievously like, we aren’t a cult. One of Us, One of Us.

7. Comedy.

See above for epic rhetorical question joke.

See above for less than epic one of us Joke.

People like Comedy.

8. Repetition.infinity-1837436__340

I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Repetition speaks of your belief in what you are talking about.

9. What is, what will be.

You know how it is when you haven’t been out for ages and feel a bit left out. When its been too long, you can feel yourself just physically running down, and mentally slowing down. It’s not where you want to be, it just is.

Imagine a weekend where everyone that has gone out, is there to have fun, and everyone is in a good mood. People are learning and sharing, and they want you to join in. Every one of them wants you to have as much fun as they are having. You could be doing that and having the time of your life next (Insert dates of dance weekender of your choice.)

Reading that last paragraph. You went from yes, I do know that 😦 . To – That does sound like fun :-). Get it?

Three Bonus Optional Extras for a real professional attack.

1. Get a dog. If you have a dog, you become instantly more trustworthy. If mans best friend likes you, I should too.adorable-1851106__340

2. Give your victim a cup of tea first. People associate warmth with home, comfort and positivity.

If you want them to disagree, then give them a cold drink.

Which is why there are so many fights in pubs, and not in coffee shops.

3. Start the conversation by getting them to agree with you about something, anything. The weather, the price of petrol. Any positive response from them leads to a more favourable outcome as you have already set a precedent.

These are the rules.

You can see merit to them, and they are real. I haven’t made any up, even the dog one.

The basis is simple. If you want to convince someone, then don’t go in gung-ho. All you have to do is remember that there are rules for improving your odds. These are them, use them.

Try some out with your next victim, and remember;

We, yes WE. We, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor, are battling the forces of apathy. The forces of ignorance, and social media addiction. We, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor are the only defences against these foul agents.

We, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor, we need members, so go out there. Go out there and make sure you get lots of men. Sexy men. Men who have timing, men who know a gentle touch is favourable. Sexy men who know how to use their hips.

If you don’t know any, then work with what ya got, and we’ll train em up.finger-3389914__340

Because we. We, my brothers and sisters of the dance floor, you need to know that we are the seeds of a Utopia and we are going to Make the World a Better Place by getting more men to dance. We will bring about world peace and make homo sapiens the happiest species on the planet.

And we are going to start today! Who’s with me?

Rule 10 – End on a High.


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