In the darkness, a light clicks showing you standing at the top of a multi-storey car park.

elevator-1756630__340You will find the lift, go inside it and press the button for the bottom floor. Feel the lift vibrate around you as you go down, enjoy the music.

When it has finished, instead of opening up, a big blue button will appear in front of you. The word “Dancer” is written on it and glows with an eerie glow. You press the button; the lift drops like a stone but you feel no fear because you know where you’re going, this is your world now.

Let it drop as long as you want, when you are ready, stop the lift with your will alone.

When the doors open you will see blueness, because you are high in the sky looking down on an ocean. Jump from the lift into the open air with no fear, this is your world now and here you can fly. Fly high and fly low, as far as the eye can see all around is the sky and sea for you to play in.ocean-828774__340

When you are ready, you spy a glint in your eye, something distant calls and you surge towards it eager to see what lure is being used. Distance means nothing as you fly high and fly low.

In the place ahead an island appears, a little beach of white gold in paradise. You land to feel the heat of the sand, hear the breeze around you and listen to the sound of the waves on the shore. Breathe deep and feel relaxed, breath deep and let the tension fall away to nothing. Here on the beach, you start to feel energy filling your veins, your bones, your muscles, your mind. Here on the beach.fiji-293826__340

Let it fill you up slowly till you feel complete, ready and able, let it make you feel powerful and strong, flexible and graceful. Let it fill you up slowly till you feel complete.

When you are ready, then you will see a ripple in the air, something tangible, something to hold. You reach forward with no fear because you know where you’re going, this is your world now.

With arms of steel, you pull at the edges of the ripple to open a window into a new dimension. Before you is a dance floor where an alternate version of you is dancing.dance-2059922__340

Watch yourself with joy.

Their posture, look at their posture, notice how it makes them stand, how it makes them look when they spin. Feel your body respond to this, feel your back and shoulders stretch out to the right position. Know that the next time you dance that this is how you get to look that good, Remember this moment.


Their footwork, look at their footwork. See how sure it is, on the balls of their feet, rising and falling as they move gracefully around the room. Feel the muscles in your legs respond, Feel how they tense and relax along with the music, know that the next time you dance your movement will be as wonderful as this moment, remember this moment.

Remember how this all feels, this is what you need to bring with you next time you dance the dance of the new you.


The dancers on the floor have stopped and are waving at you, this is when you realise the alternative you really is you, just from the future, this is where you will be soon. And when the future comes you will remember this moment and wave to the version of you standing on the beach.

The ripples of the window close and you are back on the beach, the beach that is still filling you with energy. Take a moment to enjoy the beach, the warmth of the sand, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves gently breaking on the shore.


When you are ready you take a step and start to fly, fly high and fly low. Make you way back to the lift, the lift so high in the sky. You land in the lift but before pressing any buttons turn and gaze out.

This is your world; you know how to get here and you know what’s out there on your little beach. But this time, you only went one way to one beach, what if you go another direction next time, you know there will be another beach and another window. Just imagine the things you could learn.

Remember this moment.

When you are ready, press the button for the top floor, enjoy the lift ride up, feel relaxed and ready for anything. When the doors open, this is when you open your eyes and come back to your life.

Remember this moment.

Now close you Eyes and do it again.

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